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Joined APSense since, May 12th, 2010, From New Westminster, BC Canada, Canada.
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I am intrigued with the Internet and since Windows '95 have been very active. My passion became web pages and it took awhile but I did learn much about how to do them. I actually took 8 months from work to learn.

Still don't know HTML though. I have found I am a user and not particularly concerned with the what or how although am competent - if I have to be. I just want to press "Start" and get going - just like my car - turn the key.

I have changed my Blog to review events or items that are occurring at the time the Blog is updated. I am transferring my previous material to http://disbergsdepot.com/blog as I have total control over what the blog contains. I,... ahh, did a little bit of monetizing on it. LOL

I don't care to be blitzed with same 'ol, same 'ol. Thanks for not doing that.

Thank you also, to all the folks that have helped me with my little issues, to those that considered I was OK to hook up with and to my Craft Group. I am meeting and interacting with some very nice people.

ApSense is definitely the place to be.

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Jay K. Committed  
Darlene has made it her mission to learn about what is important and worth revealing on the internet. She has shown a true passion for her work and provides value to others.
Sue and Shawn Kelly Committed  
Darlene is a great person to get to know. She created the Craft Group and worked feverishly to get it organized. It grew so quickly that she had to learn new ways to include pictures of the projects and the tools to do it with. She never gave up until the challenges were fulfilled. We thank her for her untiring efforts.
Sue and Shawn Kelly Committed  
Darlene is a devoted member putting effort into the Craft Group she created. She writes often updating us on changes and writing notes of encouragement to us often. She also reads new profiles often commenting on the best points of the profile while pointing out interest she shares with the new member.
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II  
Hi, Darlene. I am happy to have made your acquaintance through Apsense. Your private messages to me have made a difference to my being in Apsense. Thanks for knowing you. I encourage all to become your contacts for it will ultimately pay them. Thanks for being a dear friend.
Rae Sheets Advanced  
thx u so much for accepting my request! i also find the internet fascinating. learned to create webpages via html, is fun! nice to be connected with you!

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