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I am intrigued with the Internet and since Windows '95 have been very active. My passion became web pages and it took awhile but I did learn much about how to do them. I actually took 8 months from work to learn.

Still don't know HTML though. I have found I am a user and not particularly concerned with the what or how although am competent - if I have to be. I just want to press "Start" and get going - just like my car - turn the key.

I have changed my Blog to review events or items that are occurring at the time the Blog is updated. I am transferring my previous material to http://disbergsdepot.com/blog as I have total control over what the blog contains. I,... ahh, did a little bit of monetizing on it. LOL

I don't care to be blitzed with same 'ol, same 'ol. Thanks for not doing that.

Thank you also, to all the folks that have helped me with my little issues, to those that considered I was OK to hook up with and to my Craft Group. I am meeting and interacting with some very nice people.

ApSense is definitely the place to be.

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Jay K. Committed  
Darlene has made it her mission to learn about what is important and worth revealing on the internet. She has shown a true passion for her work and provides value to others.
Jose Palomino Professional  
Hi Darlene Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about You. Jose
Joan Larmon Advanced  
Hi Darlene, I must say I checked out your Crotchet link, and surprising enough I saw a stitch, which I wanted to learn, ever sine I bought this bag 2 years ago. Thanks for the link, continue helping to keep the Craft alive!
Rae Sheets Advanced  
thx u so much for accepting my request! i also find the internet fascinating. learned to create webpages via html, is fun! nice to be connected with you!
Income MARKETING Opportunities Committed  
Darlene Isberg, She an intelligence and Hard worker person and such a best person and have a good experience about her work you can easily Trust .•. Home & Family, Internet & eBusiness, Marketing, Shopping & Reviews Darlene post professional work, Darlene's RevPages are very informative. It is truly impressive to see how much you are able to accomplish with the available internet service in your area what a wise use of "your time" is so very much appreciated, Thank you for all you do. WOW!

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