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by Darlene Isberg Internet User
Darlene Isberg Senior   Internet User
Lee posted a subject with a crochet video and it was excellent.  I thought I would add it to my computer so I went to YouTube to download it to my computer.


I signed in, (you should be a member by now) and typed in "crochet" into the search box.  Big Mistake.  There were more than a couple of these videos - there are lots and they each deal with a particular technique or a certain stitch.


The commentator is excellent and the video showing you what to do is also excellent.  So instead of downloading all this information, I saved the link and can go back to it at will.

Here is that link.


I noticed that this lady also has a blog which I plan on chasing down when I get a coule of extra moments.


Thanks Lee for pointing us to a very excellent source of information on crochet.
Dec 20th 2010 13:50
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Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Great! I will have to check that out! I really do need to get back into crocheting...I do miss it!
Dec 24th 2010 05:29   
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