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Dream Big - Inspiration

by Manjari Shivahare
Manjari Shivahare Advanced  
Sometimes when you want to get into big shoes ... you have all sorts of feelings and thoughts.
Get rid of all negative thoughts
Get inspired
Dream Big - It does not cost anything.
Use the law of attraction ......   Your mind has great power in it. Use it.

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Mar 9th 2010 12:56


Subhash C Narula Innovator   
This is just superb. Thanks Manjari for making a difference
Mar 9th 2010 13:00   
Aditya Teamavm Professional   Networking Business
Manjari ! Excellent. I wish all take out time to see this
Mar 9th 2010 13:03   
Aditya Teamavm Professional   Networking Business
I wonder how many have seen this wonderful video ?
Most of us are so busy that we miss a lot of good things
Mar 15th 2010 00:30   
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