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About our Business

I was exposed to MLM business in 1997 but I started in 2002. The journey has been very good because I learned a lot of things like people skill, motivation, personality development. I read many books, listened to many tapes and CDs and attended almost all the functions. I have joined online businesses looking at the vast potential it offers.

I believe that learning is a process which should never be stopped and enjoy the journey. I have made some wonderful friends along the way and have also lost some. This is part of the game.

About Online Business

Online businesses have become a reality giving many options to us to add a second income.
There are risks also of losing some money but business means risk.
Out of 20 business that you join, maybe 15 will vanish. 4 will be struggling and 1 will flourish for you. This one business alone will more than compensate for all your minor losses.
I do not subscribe to the idea of focus only on one business. All big corporate houses have more than 5 companies running and small business men having a store or a retail shop or running a small manufacturing unit, keeps struggling all his life. Why?
Answer is simple.. They have not understood the leveraging principle explained by Robert Kiyosaki in his book "The Cash Flow Quadrant". If you have not read this book I strongly recommend you to read it.


Many people are skeptical when it comes to investing in online business. But the fact is NOTHING COMES FREE. The investments are very small as compared to any traditional business. If you are not willing to take small risks, you are not ready for business as yet.
Do not take big risks but $50 to $400 is what you should be prepared to invest if you want results.

Why People Struggle in online business?

The main reason is that people have not learned the Promoting Skills and are unable to recruit people into their business.

Another reason is people join scammers and lose money as well as credibility.

Learn How to Promote and Where to Promote.

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You will find some useful information on Promoting your affiliate links.
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How To Start?

Find a good knowledgeable mentor and see what he is promoting. Connect with him for guidance and support.

Check Alexa ranking , website stastics, worth of web of the site you want to join. (Newly launched sites will initially have very little to show. This is where a good mentor can guide you).

There are complicated sites and simple sites. Choose simple site to work initially.

Never put all your eggs in one basket.

My Top Recommended Business

SKYWAY TECHNOLOGIES.  Anatoly Yunitskiy, a space research scientist from Russia spent 40 years in researching safe, high speed, cost saving and environment friendly elevated transport system. 

  1. Now it is moving from purely theoretical to the practical sphere. 

  2. This required finances which the company is obtaining by multilevel crowdinvesting in 15 stages (As of Mar 2019, 13th stage is running). 

  3. If you missed investing in Apple, Microsoft or Amazon shares which became a real wealth creator for a meager investment in the initial stages, this is your another chance. The value has potential to grow 1000 times in a short span of time. 

More Information

Promising Social Media sites. Build Relation, Promote your Business and EARN Also.

  1. Webtalk  -  A social networking site which is 100% Free. Nothing To Buy, Sell or Pay. Earn $1 Per Month Per Member On Your Downline On 5 Levels Deep! 

  2. Futurenet.  It is a Social media platform with Advertising, Revenue share and matrix.  Click here to get more information

Promising Advertising Sites where you can EARN 

  1. Leased Ad Space. A powerful list builder and marketing site. Costs just $7 one time for life membership. Great earning as well. Just use it and you will see the power in it.

  2. ShurAds  -   Advertising and earning platform. Join Free, view 1000 ads (max 100 a day will take just 10 days) and earn enough to internally upgrade. You also get one matrix position

  3. Infinity Traffic Boost  Free to join. You earn Bitcoins as well.

  4. Mail This List  Credit based mailing site. It has some very useful Promoting Tools which you should make use of.


I am here to help you for one simple reason... When YOU succeed, I succeed.

I am not just looking for referrals who do nothing. 90 % fall in this category.

I am looking for just few people who are ready to LEARN and benefit from my experience in online business.

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Wish you all a great success

Aditya Teamavm

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Aditya Teamavm good and reliable business partner, manager. I would like to recommend him for the internet online business.
 - sense1 September 12th, 2019

 - baghzaf January 29th, 2019

 - baghzaf January 29th, 2019

he is bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
 - seomarketgoal January 20th, 2013

A life in Army brings out best of a person with finely honed skills, discipline, leadership & motivation, Kudos to Mr. Aditya for all that he has evolved into as of now.
 - bombayman November 27th, 2012


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