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What you know with the term "failure"?

1. the first failure is success delayed 2. the second failure was the fault / negligence (donkey never got on the same hole for the second time) 3. failure of the third and so is "bad luck" as the "bl...
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What a smart first step for success?

change the old ways with the new view of life as "slow but safe" to "fast but congratulations"
22 answer(s).

What do you do today?

work and work for tomorrow
9 answer(s).

Who can tell me how about the future of SEO? Thanks a lot!?

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Would anybody be so kind to follow my Blog?

follow my blog if you love god.
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Which kind of job you want or doing ?

Its a survey about my friends that what are they doing ? Waqar
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Do you remember your first job?

what was your first ever job like? How did it evolve you in the person you are today.
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If your life could be anything you wanted it to be, what would it be right now?

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Online earning is true or false ?

Give me reason and if it is not fake so tell me how i can make online money.
18 answer(s).

Is it right? SEO is no life.?

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