Any Update for SEO From Google in 2018?

Asked by Pooja Maan, in Career


Ravi Dutt Sharma Senior   Digital Marketing
I have no idea for any updation. But last year google has been updated in December middle month.
Feb 1st 2018 07:44   
Aaron Brown Junior  reconditioning engines
Yes, The limit of meta description increases from 155 characters to 300.
Feb 1st 2018 07:46   
Pooja Maan Advanced  Web Designer
Aaron Brown
Are you Sure.
Please, tell me Name of Google Update
Feb 1st 2018 08:08    Edited in Feb 1st 2018 08:08
Arul Karuppannan Advanced   Digital Marketing Consultant
No Pooja. Google hasn't announced officially. But google extended description length to 300 characters. You can wait for sometime.
Feb 1st 2018 08:22   
Monica Barber Innovator  Medical Digital Marketing
There may be a fake news algorithm update coming up and also the fuller rollout of the mobile-first index.
Feb 2nd 2018 00:39   
Pankaj Sharma Magnate I   Digital Marketing Professional
"Snippet Length Increase" Update was coming on 30th November..
Feb 2nd 2018 02:29   
Adam Noah Advanced   Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression Sock- Physixgea
Yes, The limit of meta description increases from 50 characters to 300. and Snippet Length Increase
Feb 2nd 2018 08:05   
Nguyen Duong Advanced  Online Marketing
Có một sự nghi ngờ về việc goolge cập nhật thuật toán đánh vào hệ thống PBN
Feb 3rd 2018 01:29   
Gangadhar Kulkarni Magnate I   Internet Marketing Professional
There is no update from Google this year 2018 yet but in Nov 2017 Google introduced meta description length update in search results called "Snippet Length Increase".
Feb 5th 2018 00:07   
Natalie Gracia Freshman  Writer
Snippet length for title tags are now increased. Description can be written upto 300 characters
Feb 5th 2018 07:51   
Personal Trainer Innovator  In Home Personal Trainer in Boston
Yes , Meta description length has been increased.
Feb 6th 2018 00:34   
Store Jiva Junior  Ayuveda Medical Store
Yes now meta description length has been increased
Feb 6th 2018 07:07   
Manage Teamz Committed  Live Tracking App for Sales Team | Service Busines
There is no more updation, Pooja
Feb 12th 2018 07:57   
Sneha Sharma Committed  Digital Marketing Specialist
google announced website page speed will be a ranking factor.
Feb 15th 2018 01:11   
Ib Institute Innovator  Investment Banking Institute in Delhi is the best
Meta Description update and page speed ranking Factor
Feb 18th 2018 05:45   
Simon Hopes Advanced  Author
On-page title and meta tag update
Feb 26th 2018 02:35   
Talent Magnifier Advanced  Job Oriented Practical Training Institute
In response to questions raised in the community, here's clarification about how indexing is impacted by the Google Page Speed Update.
Mar 9th 2018 00:15   
Enso dental Junior  Dentist in Perth
As per my knowledge there is no official announcement of any update in 2018. Yes a lot of change Google webmaster tools.
Apr 8th 2018 11:30   
Nathan William Freshman  Nathan William work at
yes of course, there are some google updates has come in 2018
Apr 26th 2018 04:37   
Sarkari Rojgar Advanced  Job Analyst
Google updates Daily......
May 14th 2018 02:26   
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