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What Does Design Mean to You?

Share your creative ideas!
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What type of creative art you like?

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Does anyone have any drawing requests??

i am running out of drawing ideas, does anyone have any ideas??. .i wil lput my persinalityingot it , please tell me your ideas, or requests and i willdraw it and give you credit by posting "requested...
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Have you ever planted a tree?

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Anyone can tell me about new blog website with high page rank, which gives good backlinks?

Please tell me your suggestion and if any one have spain website for business traffic please tell me ........Thanks in advance
6 answer(s).

Which Color will you prefer for your Home Wall Decoration?

Papel pintado es una tienda en línea para las diferentes variedades de fondo de pantalla como la colocación de murales fotográficos personalizados, fondos de pantalla, de coma, fotomurales baratos, ni...
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Why we own hearts????????

but not answer it make blood ...............................................
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Why do people like to play football game?

As I know football can be one of the most popular sport game all over the world,you can see from the fans numbers in football.However,not everyone have the chance to play it because of they are lack o...
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What do you think by Photography wedding ?

Wedding is the most special event in life. Now tell me about the importance of photography in wedding ?
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What is your favorite Hobby?

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