Who is your Favorite Hero andy Why?

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Cj Motors Innovator  CJ Motor Accessories has been in the aftermarket r
Superman grew up on Earth with the name Clark. With his superpowers he fights crime, but when he doesn't do that he works as a journalist for the Daily Planet. ... Superman is a real hero because he saves a lot of people with his special powers. He is the strongest man in the world.
Aug 9th 2019 02:36   
Kasturi Housing Junior  'Kasturi Housing-Pioneer of luxury apartments in P
Govinda is a great hero
Aug 9th 2019 02:46   
Pham Emily Advanced  Sức Khỏe Wiki
Supergirl :))) because i like her
Aug 9th 2019 02:54   
Shradha Khanna Senior   Real Estate Agent
My Favorite Hero is Ravi Teja, He is Best Hero at South Industry, I like his movie, b'coz his comedy is super.
Aug 9th 2019 03:52   
Eanything Indian Junior  Shop anarkali suits online from Eanythingindian Re
amir khan because he is very cool
Aug 9th 2019 03:53   
Deltaflights Reservations Advanced  Delta Flights Reservations
Favorite Hero is Allu Argun, He is Best Hero at South Industry, I like his movie, b'coz his actions is super.
Aug 9th 2019 04:07   
Sathya Technosoft Innovator  Web Design & Domain Registration
My favourite hero is Kamal Hasan and Rajinikanth.
Aug 9th 2019 06:12   
Pankaj Sharma Freshman  Internet Marketing
He is Best Hero at South Industry, I like his movie, b'coz his comedy is super.
Aug 9th 2019 06:44   
Petr Antonovskiy Senior   businessman
Of course, batman - moreover a real person.. than others
Aug 9th 2019 08:52   
Scott M. Freshman  Affordable Uniforms Online
My favorite is Amir Kahan
Aug 9th 2019 12:33   
World Web Advanced  Book Writer
Favorite Hero is Einstein
Aug 9th 2019 23:16   
Justin Hanger Advanced   SEO Analyist & Digtial Marketing
My favourite hero is Rajinikanth.
Aug 10th 2019 01:36   
Rohan Singla Advanced  Blogger
Mahesh Babu Because of his Cinimans AMB is awesome
Aug 10th 2019 02:43   
Gia Minh Innovator  Tư Vấn Bệnh Xã Hội
Father and mother. Because they were the ones who gave birth to me and covered me. Help me face the harshness of this life.
Aug 10th 2019 03:30   
The Rummy Round Junior  The Rummy Round
If we talk about personal choices then by far among all these 3 most influential superheros will be BATMAN ,SUPERMAN and IRON MAN.
Be it the enormous power of superman or the filthy technological and luxurious life of Ironman or the ultimate philosophy of BATMAN. They have it all . But when it comes to choosing one as the best among these will lead us to imagine a head to head conflict between these superheros.
Aug 10th 2019 05:07   
Skating Designs Advanced  figure skating store
Favorite Hero is Einstein Aksay
Aug 10th 2019 05:39   
Amit Kumar Freshman  SEO
Akshay Kumar is best hero
Aug 10th 2019 06:45   
Carmen sofia Malinescu Magnate I   affiliate marketing
“There are causes worth dying for, but none worth killing for.” ― Albert Camus
Aug 10th 2019 14:56   
Bruce Bates Magnate II Premium   Cooperative marketing
Satoshi Nakamoto - the reasons why are to vast to possibly explain. He changed the world in ways that can never be undone - is just the end results of what he has done are no where in site yet.
Aug 10th 2019 15:05   
Akbar A. Senior  teacher
National or international ?
Aug 11th 2019 02:55   
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