Which one is better Facebook Ad, Twitter Ad and LinkedIn Ad?

Asked by Tarun Gupta, in Marketing
Can you tell me that minimum budget of these platform like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

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Devesh Chauhan Professional   seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
1. Facebook: Lots of variables, but Great Reach.
2. Twitter: Lower Cost, Random Audience
3. LinkedIn: Best for B2B.
4. Google Adwords: The All Rounder
Nov 7th 2017 03:18 


Ayojide Buremoh Magnate I   Accountant And Finance Officer
For Facebook it is has Ads as cheap as $3, and it has about the highest exposure, compared to others.
Oct 25th 2017 01:30    Edited in Nov 1st 2017 15:08
Freelancer World Advanced  Digital Marketing
Facebook ad is better then other because its cheap as compared to twitter and linkedin ad.
Oct 25th 2017 02:37   
Sri Chand Advanced  SEO Executive
Facebook ads are a superior advertising option because, maximum number of active users of any social network in the world.
Oct 25th 2017 03:11   
Tuấn T. Advanced  Mua xe nâng đến chợ xe nâng
I think it is facebook ad
Oct 25th 2017 03:15   
Star Registry Junior  International Star Registry
Simple Question, Facebook ads are better than Twitter ads & LinkedIn ads.
Oct 25th 2017 03:30   
Tuấn T. Advanced  Mua xe nâng đến chợ xe nâng
The richest person follows the guy
Oct 25th 2017 04:33   
Crackverbal GMAT and GRE Courses Freshman  Mentoring achievers
Facebook is best for advertisement but if you have good budget then you can go for LinkedIn as well.
Oct 25th 2017 05:44   
John Hupper Junior  pest controller
Facebook is best option for advertising
Oct 25th 2017 06:48   
Celia Egan Innovator  Technical Support Engineer
Facebook ad is cheap and good as well
Oct 25th 2017 07:53   
Priti Shetti Committed   Technical coordinator

If your website has promotional and you want to increase customer of your website then you should go with facebook ad campaign. Its very affordable. Twitter and linkedin are used for business purpose.
Oct 25th 2017 08:00    Edited in Oct 25th 2017 08:00
Muskan P. Innovator  Best Gifts to India
twitter is best in world wide trend
Oct 25th 2017 08:16   
Maulik Shah Advanced  Owner
As per My Opinion Facebook Add.
Oct 25th 2017 08:19   
Santiano M. Advanced  IT Consultant for Antivirus & Data Recovery
Facebook has the maximum number of users and if you are promoting your ads or business at the local level than FB is the best platform. Linkedin and Twitter are mainly used by Corporates and B2B.
Oct 26th 2017 01:21   
Frederic Sasia Advanced  Marketing Head
Facebook ad is the best option.
Oct 26th 2017 02:03   
Phung Dangtm Advanced  Dang
Facebook is best for advertisement
Oct 26th 2017 02:35   
Ransi Plick Senior   Website Owner
Facebook is best for advertisement if you create smartly
Oct 26th 2017 07:07   
Dee Tee Magnate III  NaijaStore.Net
Apsense is the best....
Oct 26th 2017 07:10   
Min Leung Innovator  Saller
i would like the Facebook add
Oct 26th 2017 10:00   
Roose Aana Advanced  Australia assignment help
I think Facebook is much better option, because of it's very cheap, more user-friendly and there big amount of social traffic is available.
Oct 26th 2017 13:11   
Sakshi K. Freshman  Fitnet: Health and Fitness
Facebook is the best advertising tool.
Oct 27th 2017 03:30   
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