Facebook Or Twitter ? Choose One?

Asked by Deals Offers, in Business
Please choose one as per your best suggestion.


Dean Jones Junior  Auto Services
Twitter First and then Facebook.
Mar 27th 2019 03:35   
Eva S. Advanced  tanácsadó
Facebook! Twitter is not working!
Mar 27th 2019 03:38   
Deals Offers Committed  Website Development - Designing
Eva from where are you from, i think twitter working good more then FB, BTW its personal choices, no worries
Mar 27th 2019 03:39   
Eva S. Advanced  tanácsadó
Something banned on Twitter! :(
Mar 27th 2019 03:45   
Deals Offers Committed  Website Development - Designing
yes you can say this, but i think we are secure with data via using twitter.
Mar 27th 2019 03:50   
Eva S. Advanced  tanácsadó
Yes, Twitter is a great opportunity! For some reason, Twitter has disabled my profile and I can't reactivate my account!
Mar 27th 2019 03:58   
Amit Tiwari Advanced  SEM/Digital Marketing Expert
Facebook is better than twitter.
Mar 27th 2019 04:16   
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
I think Facebook is better though some prefer Twitter. Personally, I use Twitter more than Facebook.
Mar 27th 2019 04:28   
HostBooks Limited Committed  Accounting, GST & TDS Software
Twitter First & then Facebook.
Mar 27th 2019 05:42   
Dr Aman Gupta Junior  Doctor
twitter is better than facebook
Mar 27th 2019 07:22   
IQuor Solutions Senior   Digital Marketing Agency
Both are Good social media platform. But I use Facebook mostly.
Mar 28th 2019 01:00   
Anindita Malakar Advanced  Writer
Facebook is first then twitter..
Mar 28th 2019 01:18   
Lalit Bisht Senior  Manager
Both social media platforms are useless. Both are wasting time of all new generation. Only the owners of these websites are taking advantages and making money.
Mar 28th 2019 02:11   
Deals Offers Committed  Website Development - Designing
thanks guys for your commenting, but in my opinion if i am talking about security about data then i am going with twitter otherwise no prob with FB.
Mar 28th 2019 02:30   
Deals Offers Committed  Website Development - Designing
Eva you can active your account again, you just follow some guidelines there is no issue about that
Mar 28th 2019 02:30   
NMJR Laudato Si Magnate II  Netizen Organization
Equally both of them. FB & Twitter.
Apr 1st 2019 06:51   
Arthur A. Magnate I   Professional Arthur
I would have to say Twitter.. Mainly because you don't hear much about Twitter having data breaches like Facebook.
Apr 4th 2019 21:48   
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