When you're mood's not good without any reason, you definitely are missing someone.?

Asked by INDRAJEET SINGH CHAUHAN, in Home & Family
What do you think............................


Akbar A. Committed   teacher
No, I think it is because of Stomach problem
Feb 1st 2020 11:12   
Martin Laryea Junior  Health Fitness Hack Your Body
Well, it can be one of the reasons, or just having a bad day.
Feb 2nd 2020 06:34   
Kevin Bollinger Advanced  Freelancer
For me it's a mixed bag. I write a lot about potential cancer cures on my blog site because I knew a lot of people who died from it. My depression also stems from the fact that I feel like a complete failure most of the times as well.
Feb 2nd 2020 12:58   
Jason Jones Freshman  Jason Jones
Well, it can be one of the reasons, or just having a bad day.
Feb 4th 2020 01:41   
Somya Sharma Innovator  We believe in growth
Yes Off course I Really missed someone when i was SAD
Feb 4th 2020 05:54   
Nutra Platform Advanced  Health, Fitness & Wellness
Maybe or some other reason holding that you don't wanna share with anyone want to be in space with everyone.
Feb 19th 2020 00:24   
Sneha Bhatt Advanced  IVF Center
maybe some times you miss someones or sometimes it is due to health problems.
Mar 17th 2020 00:10   
Mishank Barnwal Senior   Digital Marketing (SEO,SMO,Blogger)
stress is most important for this
Mar 17th 2020 00:25   
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Mar 21st 2020 17:18   
Philip Ramos Junior  Roofing And Siding Contractor
Not necessary, there can be many different reasons.
May 20th 2020 01:21   
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