What is the cost of registration for a new company in India?

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Habitat Centre Advanced   Victory Indirapuram Habitat Centre
Every company must make declarations to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs from the very beginning, to communicate the hiring of an auditor, the minutes of board meetings, the annuals filings of directors and the company and much else. They don’t involve much effort individually, but can be quite time-consuming seen as a whole.
May 4th 2018 06:58   
Ruchita Singh Advanced  Packers and Movers Delhi
Cost of registration for a new company in India, 5k to 10k .
May 4th 2018 21:31   
Sunny Sahu Magnate I  Web Developer & Designer
It's depend on company type.
May 7th 2018 00:20   
Web Developers Professional   Dating Web & App Development
Cost: One-time cost of around Rs. 14,000 for authorised capital of Rs. 1 lakh. This isn't a requirement for private limited companies, per se, but all businesses in India. Each one of them requires some government registrations, based on the offering.
May 7th 2018 01:32   
Sakshi Rawat Freshman  I really love website's and i love to browse that.
It,s depend upon company type like what type of company you want to start, and mainly cost is around 5k to 10k
May 7th 2018 01:43   
Prasant Bhatt Advanced  Digitally Travelling the World
It depends ,, you can start from zero... so many people start from 0 as they sell items on footpath or something like cheap place. But after you have enough money you can expand your business
May 7th 2018 05:32   
Hiba Farooqi Advanced  Get Affordable Umrah Packages from USA
I agree with you #PrasanBhatt
May 7th 2018 07:32   
Astro Glide Freshman  ASTROGLIDE
It's depend on company type.
May 10th 2018 07:59   
Vidit Agarwal Committed  Marketing Director
Every company has different cost for the registration.
May 11th 2018 02:17   
Richa D. Freshman  Blogger
It will cost you something around 10K bucks in India
May 12th 2018 04:08   
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