What is the best TV Series to watch for a beginner?

Asked by Neha, in Entertainment


James Clarke Innovator  Wine Lover
for English watch Friends
Dec 6th 2017 00:06   
Contrib City Advanced  Contrib'City Contribute to your Homeplace
for English watch Friends
Dec 6th 2017 00:13   
Yakhit Chaudhary Freshman  Marketing Executive
games of thrones is the best TV series for beginners
Dec 6th 2017 05:32   
Memory Suppliers Junior  sales,shopping
Games of thrones is the best TV series for beginners
Dec 6th 2017 05:41   
Steven A. Donaldson Magnate III Premium Native speaking English teacher
Supernatural is a great show.......
Dec 6th 2017 07:57   
Quang Nguyen Advanced
cho tiếng Anh xem bạn bè
Dec 6th 2017 09:33   
Emma Smith Advanced  Latest Exam Guide, Killtest Is Professional
I like the games of thrones
Dec 7th 2017 00:37   
Sojan Babu Freshman  SEO Analyst
Breaking Bad is the best TV Series to watch for a beginner...
Dec 7th 2017 00:55   
Amelia White Innovator  Technical Support Engineer
I Think supergirl is a good choice to watch
Dec 7th 2017 01:38   
Stephen Smith Innovator  Real Exam Dumps
Gossip Girls, I like
Dec 7th 2017 03:03   
Caitlin Aaron Advanced  Web Marketing
I like games of thrones and Big Bang Theory
Dec 7th 2017 04:29   
Gaurang Thakor Innovator  Blogger
obviously FRIENDS. You can watch with anyone.
Dec 7th 2017 11:21   
William Klein Advanced  SEO
Dec 7th 2017 23:10   
Larry Chetan Senior  Business
Dec 8th 2017 00:54   
Eliza Kevin Innovator  senior consultant
anybody can anything in the tv according to him/her wish.
Dec 8th 2017 00:54   
Mike Metsan Freshman  Web Approach
News must watch. It gives you information nationwide, local and world wide for all sectors.
Dec 8th 2017 01:28   
Swarit Advisors Advanced  Company Registration
Games of Thrones is the best TV Series for beginners.
Dec 8th 2017 01:32   
Ricky Makan Freshman  Co-Founder at Unkrypted
1. If you like Horror side then Supernatural will be the best option.
2. If you are interested more in comedy then F.R.I.E.N.D.S will amaze you.
3. If you are a serious type of person then Breaking Bad is best.
Dec 8th 2017 01:34   
Ellie Williams Advanced  Web Designer
Games of thrones is the best TV serial for the beginers.
Dec 8th 2017 01:55   
Neha Goyal Freshman  Digital Marketer & Content Writer
Undoubtedly, F.R.I.E.N.D.S :-)
Dec 8th 2017 05:53   
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