Santa Claus ....................?

Asked by Steven A. Donaldson, in Home & Family
what is the best present Santa ever brought you all when you were a child?


james thomsan Innovator  blogger
bicycle at my childhood age .
Dec 19th 2018 09:07   
Edward Lewis Innovator  consultant
Santa brought to me was toy cars
Dec 19th 2018 10:13   
Fountain People Junior  Interactive Fountain
A toy train with funny prints
Dec 19th 2018 22:00   
On Vent Senior   Profitable Online Ventures
The best thing I ever got, was the insight he was just a myth, like all gods & religious symbols - they are all part of global mind pollution
Dec 20th 2018 00:31   
Swati Sharma Committed  Seo Expert
toy car with sweets.
Dec 21st 2018 12:28   
Sathya Technosoft Junior  Vehicle Tracking Device in India | SATHYA Technoso
A set of toys to construct and build home.
Jun 19th 2019 03:35   
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