In What age girls or boys get married?

Asked by Sourabh Kumar, in Entertainment

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Lucy Brown Junior  Author
I think mental maturity is the most important thing. 25+ is the best age.
Jul 24th 2018 02:30 


Thomas Grow Innovator  Sr. Seo Excutive
I think 21-23 is best
Jul 24th 2018 07:29   
Fredis Bonilla Junior  Cleaning Services
Girls Age 18 and Boys age 21
Jul 24th 2018 14:23   
Chung Lei Innovator  Writer
It should all depend to their financial stability.
Jul 25th 2018 00:05   
John Brown Freshman  Doctor
25 years for boys, 23 years for girls is the best age for marriage
Jul 25th 2018 00:07   
Olivia Clark Advanced  Finance Manager
In most countries it is when they become adults i.e. after 18 years of age.
Jul 25th 2018 08:14   
Stephen Zhu Innovator  Programmer
25+ is the best age. But he or she should get ready to marry
Jul 25th 2018 23:01   
Rosemarie Cox Freshman  Surgeon
For girls 24 and boys 28. i think the mental maturity is must for every one
Jul 26th 2018 00:27   
David Willy Junior  Internet Marketer
Boys 26 and girls are 23, this age is good for marriage
Jul 26th 2018 01:25   
Wedding Celebrant Sydney Innovator  Sydney Marriage Celebrant for all Ceremonies
I think the best for marriage for boy is 27 and girls 25. Because they can understand the responsibility for each other at this age.
Jul 26th 2018 02:05   
Adam Smith Advanced  One stop solution for all Technical
After 25, For Both this is the Perfect Age
Jul 26th 2018 05:01   
Murray Landscaping Freshman  Murray Landscaping
Girls are 23 and boys are 25 .
Jul 27th 2018 02:11   
Wellness Trials Advanced  Health
25 years for boys and 23 years for girls.
Jul 27th 2018 02:51   
David Liu Advanced  Specialized in Virgin Human Hair Extensions
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Jul 27th 2018 07:24   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
Men shouldn’t get married until they are 30 years or older
Jul 28th 2018 00:04   
A to Z Supplement Freshman  Reviews On Online Healthcare Products!
if you think for marriage, then first mental maturity matters, so Boys 28 and Girls 25, this age is best for both for marriage.
Jul 28th 2018 02:49   
Soni Chaudhary Advanced  Web Designer
25 years for boys and 23 years for girls.
Jul 28th 2018 05:09   
Jordan Smith Freshman  Best Wedding Photography Melbourne
after 18 both girl and boy can legally marry,
Jul 28th 2018 05:36   
Namita Sharma Advanced  Bank Loan In India
Between twenty to thirty age, he/she is settle and financially strong, they get Married.
Jul 30th 2018 00:48   
Wedding Celebrant Sydney Innovator  Sydney Marriage Celebrant for all Ceremonies
I think the best for marriage for a boy is 27and 22 for a girl. At this age, they can understand properly and easily handle all responsibility.
Jul 30th 2018 05:11   
Siddhartha R. Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
Legally its 18 for Girls and 21 for Boys. But as per my opinion its better to get married between 25 - 30 years.. Thank You
Aug 1st 2018 06:35   
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