In What age girls or boys get married?

Asked by Sourabh Kumar, in Entertainment

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Lucy Brown Junior  Author
I think mental maturity is the most important thing. 25+ is the best age.
Jul 24th 2018 02:30 


Navya gajjar Senior  Digital Marketing Manager
in between 22-26 mostly they get married, or else its depends on the caste.
Aug 8th 2018 03:17   
Emily Rose Committed  Live Support Services
24 to 25 years get to married, perfect for health & life.
Aug 13th 2018 03:05   
Anishka Sharma Committed  Consultant at Healboat
I think mental maturity is the most important thing. 25+ is the best age.
Aug 20th 2018 05:02   
Ravi Bhadauria Advanced  ADMEC Multimedia Institute
When both are mentally prepared to share responsibilities.
Sep 28th 2018 23:55   
Kaira Kapoor Committed  MBD Group
when they are ready for it...physically, mentally and emotionally. whether they are 18 or 40..doesnt matter.
Oct 5th 2018 05:10   
Simon Hopes Advanced  Author
Boys age 30 and girls age 24 is perfect match for marriage life...
Oct 10th 2018 08:58   
Christy R. Freshman  Events Blogger
According to my point of view, When both get mature mentally and When they complete their education. So probably after 28+ for both.
Oct 25th 2018 02:07   
Supplement Trade Advanced  Stay Healthy with us
25 years for boys and 22 years for girls
Nov 13th 2018 00:13   
Romanus Melius Junior  Soul O Bliss Entertainment
Best for marriage for boy is 25 and 22 for girl.
Nov 26th 2018 02:01   
Jacksons M. Freshman  Auto Repair Garage in Northampton
Boys 26 and Girls 22,
Nov 26th 2018 08:01   
Emily Rose Committed  Live Support Services
i thing 23 to 25 is best for both
Dec 7th 2018 06:28   
Roger Neumann Junior  Webpreneur
I think 25 to 28 for both.
May 17th 2019 14:59   
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