How To Directory Submission Of HTTPS domain urls?

Asked by Amit Kumar, in Computers
I have one website but the problem is that him URL is [HTTPS://] so I want to submit a directory but the directory site could not take the HTTPS:// domain URL so please suggest me how do I submit a directory for my HTTPS:// URL Please help me.......


Sourabh Aggarwal Magnate II   SEO Manager
Hello Amit,

If the directory is not taking the link with https then you can submit your website without https means you can submit the URL like it will redirect on the same domain so you will get the same benefits.
Apr 6th 2018 04:04   
Steven Lucas Professional  Webmaster, Marketer, Author, Tech,
To go with what has been said - Your quick test is to put the non-secure url into your browser address bar and check to see if it still finds your site. If it doesn't, you may need to look up editing your .htaccess file to include both secure and non-secure sites, with and without the www too.
Apr 6th 2018 04:15   
Lillian Wilson Advanced  computer,printer,software
One such error message is “Ink System Failure”. This error message might be accompanied by some error code which is a combination of alphabets and numbers, such as:
Apr 6th 2018 04:53   
Amit Kumar Professional   Digital Marketer
Thank All for commenting,
Dear Saurabh,
I submitted the link without https, then given the error.

"The URL could not be validated. Either the page does not exist or the server could not be contacted."
Apr 6th 2018 05:03   
Sourabh Aggarwal Magnate II   SEO Manager
Agreed with Steven.

If it doesn't, you may need to look up editing your .htaccess file to include both secure and non-secure sites, with and without the www too.
Apr 6th 2018 05:43   
R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
Hello Amit Kumar,
You may have to cloak that https link
Apr 6th 2018 07:56   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
God bless President Trump!
Apr 6th 2018 07:57   
WSI S. Innovator  SEO
try cloaking the HTTPS URL...
Apr 6th 2018 13:53   
Adrina Martinez Advanced  Personal Loan Lender
Some of directory submission sites are not accept https in url. You should avoid these sites if your site in not secure with https.
Apr 7th 2018 04:48   
Nicki Jenns Innovator  Solo Traveler
why still using old school seo methods ?
Apr 7th 2018 18:15   
Gangadhar Kulkarni Magnate I   Internet Marketing Professional
Dear Amit,
Just you submit your URL with HTTP......Bcoz after submission your URL redirected to HTTPS.
Apr 10th 2018 00:36   
Yukti sharma Freshman  Digital marketer
Just submit it normally it will automatically redirected ...and if it doesn't then apply 301 permanent redirect for it
Apr 10th 2018 08:16   
Quick Loans Express Junior  Quick Loans Express is an instant payday loan brok
Same normally submission and https url auto redirect.
Apr 23rd 2018 01:20   
James Voks Advanced  Technical Expert
Submit your site with HTTP it's redirect on HTTPS.
May 3rd 2018 11:44   
sla consultants india Innovator  SLA Consultants India - Training Center Delhi
Yes ! ! Some Web directory not accepted of HTTPS Only accepted http so old method used of technology ! !
Oct 29th 2018 02:58   
Gronau Itcloud Junior  Gronau It cloud computing provide the best service
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Feb 8th 2019 06:51   
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