Can i get my website rank higher by posting articles and blogs only?

Asked by Mohit Sharma, in Internet & eBusiness


Tanay S. Advanced  A Writer By Soul And Entrepreneur
No, it is true that content is the king for any project or for your own website but you need to try different to compete with your competitors.
Mar 24th 2017 06:48   
Aliza Elly Advanced  Digital marketing - SEO, SMO, SEM
Ya a days its all about content marketing..
Mar 24th 2017 06:55   
QuickBooks Services Advanced  Intuit QuickBooks Services
yes...content is the king. Post articles and blogs.
Mar 24th 2017 07:14   
Anil Kumar Junior  Internet Marketing Company in Delhi
Yes.. Content different and unique.
Mar 24th 2017 07:53   
Rahul Kumar Advanced  Internet Marketing Consultant

With quality you can get good positions but you can get even better by creating some quality links for website by doing Forum Posting, Blog Commenting and other SEO Activities.
Mar 24th 2017 07:55   
Karl Wu Advanced  Precision Molds $ Plastics Manufacturer
The concept of molding is not new. It is quite old and pervasive.
Mar 24th 2017 09:25   
Hetvi Pandya Freshman  Manager
Yes you can get the ranking or position if you posting some fresh and relevant content which is useful for the user..
Mar 24th 2017 09:26   
Bernice O. Lee Innovator  Fashion, Lifestyll & Mummy blogger
Not by just randmo blog and article post, but in a planned content marketing.
Mar 24th 2017 16:11   
Franto Hruz Magnate I   Offer Value - Build a Team
To get real, noticeable results, you have to post top quality, relevant and current information, get good reader response, visitor participation and make an impact in terms of multiple back-links from other quality sites ... a job for which you have to have a good education, an outstanding command of the language and be well read ...

Where do you want to start?
Mar 24th 2017 16:29   
Vanes S. Magnate I   internet marketer
important to get higher rank is good content and good seo whit blog and article can get many good backlinks and more higher seo and rank
Mar 24th 2017 18:51   
Marius Wlassak Magnate I   Business Media Consultant
Yes, by posting top quality and helpful posts you can. Just do it.
Mar 24th 2017 22:07    Edited in Mar 24th 2017 22:14
Online Visas Freshman  Blogger
No, to get noticeable results you have to work on various types of SEO
Mar 25th 2017 01:26   
dip foods Advanced  Healthy Baked Foods
Yes, you need to update fresh and unique content targeting information about your business or services you provide, which help user to get interactive an that automatically help you to drive traffic towards your website to get rank in google search engine
Mar 25th 2017 01:38   
Khusboo Khan Innovator  Vip Smart Escort Girl in Mumbai
yess. But Content Is Very Important in Your Artical ..........
Mar 25th 2017 02:12   
Ransi Plick Senior   Website Owner
No you cant with article posting and blog posting. You can only generate traffic. For ranked higher you must have strong link building.
Mar 25th 2017 04:43   
Deepak Khunt Senior   Owner weetech solution
Getting high rank is not a small process. And only posting article and blogs you can't get top position.
Go for Search Engine Optimization as well as create your link building.
Link Building generate your backlink and your website popularity.
Mar 25th 2017 06:21   
John Miller Advanced  Software Developer
Maybe its possible....But use some other activities for higher ranking...
Mar 25th 2017 07:04   
Csaba Juhasz Professional   Business Development Specialist
not important the likes number,, just money number in the real life on the streets
Mar 25th 2017 07:24   
Boyan Minchev Advanced  blogger
Yes, but you have to do that very often to see results.
Mar 26th 2017 11:58   
Mohit Sharma Professional  Sr. Digital Marketing Executive
Thank you everyone:)
Mar 27th 2017 00:48   
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