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Pet Protector is the best product in the world for approaching known and unknown people and closing the sales on the spot! It was never easier to make a sale or have a new member on the team!
Recommended Features
  • Water Resistant
  • It's effective in dogs and cats of any age (even newborn), any weight, including sick, convalescent and pregnant pets.
  • No Chemical elements
  • Improved with new nanotechnology
  • Pet Protector is one of the safest anti-parasitic systems
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The Pet Protector is a metal disc charged with atom of scalar waves that repel all external parasites, especially fleas and ticks. It is designed for external use only.


The Pet Protector disc works without incorporating any battery, the POWER supply is the "earthly magnetic field" and the animal motion in it. Attach the Pet Protector disc to the pet's collar. To guarantee effectiveness it should stay attached to the collar permanently including when you give your pet a bath or even if you have your pet x-rayed by your veterinarian.


These scalar waves create a protective field, driving away all external parasites and stopping new ones being hosted by your pet. Pet Protector is used to prevent fleas and ticks and it is one of the safest anti-parasitic systems. It is effective in dogs and cats of any age (even newborns) and weight, including sick, convalescent and pregnant pets.


There are thousands of pesticides, oral medications, sprays, dips, shampoos, and powders that are approved to control fleas and ticks on cats and dogs. Some products kill only ticks or adult fleas-others break the flea life cycle by preventing flea eggs from developing into adult fleas. Most of those products contain insecticides, which should not be used on pets that are sickly, pregnant, or nursing, or with certain drugs that may interact with the insecticide.

Insecticide can endanger the health of your pet, especially the liver. After applying the product, if your pet shows symptoms of illness after treatment, call your veterinarian. Symptoms of poisoning may include poor appetite, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive salivation.
The Pet Protector disc is not such a product. The Pet Protector disc works without an insecticide and can be used in sick, convalescent and pregnant dogs and cats. You don't need to use protective gloves and wash your hands after touching it.

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Why Pet Protector at My dog has fleas you might say or my cat has fleas. Can people get fleas? Will fleas bite humans? Is there such a thing as human fleas? I say yes to all these

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