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Have you been in a hospital lately? Hopefully you have not, unless of course you are a doctor or a nurse. However, you may have a good idea what the inside of a hospital room looks like if you have seen "House" or "Grey's Anatomy." While these television shows are never fully accurate, they still give you a good idea of what a typical room may look like. Do you notice anything that is common to every hospital room? There is usually a bed, IV racks, EKG machines, and possibly a wheelchair in the corner. Hospital medical equipment is everywhere!

Hospital rooms today look drastically different than they did as little as 100 years ago. Medical equipment has been one of the fastest growing industries because of the amazing advancements that had been made over the past century. The new medical equipment has helped advanced medicine greatly. In addition to the new knowledge we have acquired about hygiene and safe medical practices, these pieces of equipment have helped save millions of lives.

Are you interested in purchasing some hospital medical equipment? Top-of-the-line machines are incredibly important, but they are also very expensive. An ultrasound machine can cost around $35,000 but a medical resonance imaging (MRI) machine can cost as much as one million dollars! The reason for these extremely high costs is that you need to pay for several things: the price of the machine itself, the consultation, the installation, and any repairs over the course of its lifetime. These charges really add up!

As desirable as it is to have new machines, many hospitals and clinics have also decided to purchase used medical equipment in order to save some money. Many machines that have been widely used for more than a few decades have already seen quite a few advances. Therefore, they are already very accurate. EKG machines and medical imaging equipment still work extremely well even if they are a few years old. Once technicians look them over and make the necessary repairs, they are good to go! Hospital medical equipment is extremely important, but it does not need to cost a fortune! Save money today on


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