Kooday Keyword Ownership

by Ann Q
A new search engine that allows you to own keywords and share in the ad revenue. Advertisers: Pay after your ads have succeeded. Get in early to own your piece of the web!
Recommended Features
  • Own keywords for advertisers to apy you to link to
  • Link to your own keywotrds for FREE
  • Unique features not seen in search engines before
  • Very specific results for a users search
  • Profit share for your keywords
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Review on Kooday Keyword Ownership

This business is growing faster than anyone expected due to the real income that is gained by being a member and owing keywords. Kooday is nearing its launch where simply a 3% market share will fulfill all of the expectations of the company and more will mean more revenue and income for all involved.

The search engine has a unique approach for both the searcher and the advertiser. For the user, they will get very specific returns on their searches. Much more targeted to their request than any other search engine out there.

The advertiser will pay for their ads only after they have run an ad and are satisfied with the results. In addition, advertisers can link their site to the most relevant keywords and be assured to rank high or first on the page. All of this for no more than $15 a month.

Kooday is the future. Google keeps all the revenue for itself, Kooday shares it with the members and offers advertisers a less expensive way to reach the market. Advertisers can join and own their own keyword for free.

Come to the revolution in searching.

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Rodolfo Santos Committed   Civil Eng. Consultant
Kooday could be the next official search engine for marketers
Oct 13th 2010 01:49   
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Thanks an, for your lovely comment on my kooday revpage.
Oct 13th 2010 11:22   
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