Kiwi Fruit Benefits for Health

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Like any other nutrition fruit, kiwi fruit has numerous health benefits. Some of the major banefits are for skin care, dengue fever, increase platelet count and many more.
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Review on Kiwi Fruit Benefits for Health

All of us are aware of apple facts and many interesting facts about other fruits. But when talking about kiwi, how can we miss out on the countless kiwi fruit facts that make this fruit all the more interesting? Few of these are:

Kiwi fruit is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Actinidiaceae.
There are around 60 different species of kiwi fruit and hundreds of varieties that are usually cultivated in temperate regions around the world.
Kiwi fruit originates from China.

Before going to discuss about facts let's know first the types of kiwi fruit available in market.
There are mainly 4 types of kiwi present. Ther are:
1. Gold Kiwis
2. Hardy Kiwis
3. Hayward Kiwis
4. Kolomikta Kiwis

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