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iGoincomes is a founder/affiliate of your path to success, wealth and luxury... The company GlobalOne Companies has developed an amazingly easy Paradigm Shifting business platform, which allows us th
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  • 3 X 10 Matrix
  • Residual Income
  • Online Wealth
  • Bio Products
  • Paid every 6 days or less
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GlobalOne is a Paradigm Shifting company with:
- Multiple businesses within one business
- Multiple business streams of income within one business
- Multiple compensation plans within one business
- Outside retail profits coming into this business, which will go into the profit pools
- A Global Humanitarian Trust, which will help save the lives of millions around the globe with Bio-Eco-Science Advancements
Spinfinity Social Compensation Pool
Spinfinity is a fantastic, amazing and revolutionary compensation plan that has everyone very excited. Basically, all members of the business are placed in one straight line based on their join date. The membership is then split into 3 zones. The top two zones are pay zones, and the bottom zone is a non-pay zone.
It Spins every 3 days... 10 times a month...however active members receive commissions in 2 out of every 3 spins. The commissions are determined by a mathematical algorithm. Commissions are paid on the spot you land on and are the same for everyone who lands on that spot.. no matter what membership level was purchased.
Power of Spinfinity
YOU refer 3 = 3 friends -X- 6 payouts!mth = 18x 18
YOUR 3 refer 3 =9 friends -X- 6 payouts!mth = 54x 72
THEIR 3 refer 3 = 27 friends -X- 6 payouts!mth = 162x 234
THEIR 3 refer 3 =81 friends -X- 6 pavouts/mth = 486x 720
THEIR 3 refer 3 = 243 friends -X- 6 payouts/mth = 1458x 2178
You will further receive 20% commissions for every person you referred, up to the membership level you purchased (up to 5 generations).
Go Global Bonus Pool
The GO Global Bonus Pool does not require you to build a downline or recruit. This compensation plan is a point driven system - meaning you earn points whenever you do an activity and you get paid for those points.
Points can be used towards the company's "MARKETING MACHINE" so they can market/promote your site on your behalf. If you prefer to build a team or refer more people, you are going to earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals up to 5 generations.
So, if you promote the program and sign up new affiliates, you will also earn a greater share of the profit-sharing pool.
The Global Pool is also being fed money by national and international sales from business profit centers & 50% of all company NET profits will be distributed through the "My Turn On Top Wealth" profit-sharing pool every three days.
Every member gets a share of the profit pool based on their participation level.
Infinity Wealth Compensation Pool
Infinity is the residual income section of the compensation plans. Everyone has their own 3x10 matrix that is built by you, the people upline to you and even your is a team effort. Everyone receives the same commissions no matter which product level they purchased at.
The monthly residual income is as follows: Tin 20c, Copper 50c, Silver $1.00, Gold $1.50 & Platinum $2.00
Everyone receives a special matching bonus of 20% on everyone in their 4th line on the 3x10 matrix.... that is a potential of81 people.
Every individual who signs up as an affiliate is automatically being positioned in the company with a spot in the matrix and they can also receive a spillover whether or not they sign up other people.
Every member has a chance to get some spillovers from leaders above and from those below.
The Committed Difference
"With all of the restlessness and Internet static within the business community at this time, GlobalOne wanted to take a moment to reach out to everyone in order to reinforce our unique and steadfast corporate mission.
GlobalOne started as and will remain a sound business, which makes a careful examination of each step it takes in providing you with several business profit centers, unique life changing products and services, and the ability to operate a long term business you will be proud of.
GlobalOne remains committed to solid, transparent and ethical business practices, which will positively transform the way business is done.
We thank you for being part of our continued commitment to such a unique global cause ... Please do not let the static-noise distract you from being part of this very special program.
There is no better time to let the world know of our ground breaking and paradigm shifting business direction ... It is easy to join!"GlobalOne will also provide members access to a plethora of commission earning products & services that span over multi-million & trillion dollar industries.
There will be:
- Traditional businesses & impactual product & services the world hasn't seen yet.
- Access to brand new, newly invented products & services to be proud of
- Multi-trillion dollar commissionable affiliate, Global full service online Travel Agency. Where you decide if you wish promote. You will receive discounts airfares and Low Price Guarantee on hotels & car rentals.
- Unique Bio-Science products. For example a Bio safe Eco Friendly product for cars, boats that protect paint and interiors like no other.
- Nutritional Health & Wellness Products which will be revolutionary that can improve antioxidants intake, support immune system, healthier cardiovascular system, balance blood pressure & blood sugar levels, brain function, memory & concentration, anti-aging and anti-allergic properties.
- Your own Online Shopping Mall
- -MobileApp
Membership Plans
TIN MEMBERS - $10 Monthly
You will automatically participate in Spinfinity Power profits system for passive income (guaranteed by Global one)
You get a 20% MATCHING BONUS on commissions earned by your personally referred Level One affiliates

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