How To Use APSense Social Media Marketing Tips for

by Brahim A. APSense Adviser for Social Media!
During this worldwide pandemic, the world of social media marketing may sound like a challenging and intimidating venture if youre a small business. I must say that its both well worth the time and pr
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  • Identify your goals
  • Get inspired by your APSense industry
  • Create APSense Business Center & share it your social media accounts
  • Post regularly on APSense TimeLine
  • Engage and respond to your followers
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How To Use APSense Social Media Marketing Tips for your Small Businesses

baghzaf APSense Adviser for Social Media!

During this worldwide pandemic, the world of social media marketing may sound like a challenging and intimidating venture if youre a small business. I must say that its both well worth the time and practically required in 2021 on APSense. But where do you start if youre completely new to this form of marketing: APSENSE? Sure, you can start off with sharing links to your website, but youre going to need to do more to keep your audience interested. Dont worry; I am going to run you through some of the basics to get you where you need to go.

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What is APSense social media marketing?

As APSense Social Media Adviser, APSense Social media marketing is the act of using social media platforms to promote your brand or product, build your audience, and generate leads, and increase sales and website traffic.

Together with content marketing, APSense social media marketing is an essential part of a marketing methodology called inbound marketing. At the heart of this idea is that the creation of valuable, interesting content for your audience draws customers toward your brand especially during Covid-19 crisis.

While its easy to assume that APSense social media marketing consists of only creating content for the platforms to reach your audience, its much more than that. Successful social media marketing campaigns involve actively and consistently engaging with the target audience.
To succeed in this, here are the 10 great tips to use on APSense social media marketing for your small businesses!

1. Identify your goals
2. Get inspired by your industry ;
3. Check out your competition ;
4. Create business center & share it on your social media accounts;
5. Find and get to know your audience:
6. Create compelling content with APSense add-ons ;
7. Create a social calendar to stay organized;
8. Post on a regular basis ;
9. Engage and respond to your followers;
10. Monitor your performance using APSense tools.

1. Identify your goals
Before you can jump into APSense social media marketing, its important to do your research to determine what youre actually looking to achieve with it. If youre just trying to make your presence on social media known, great. If youre looking specifically to increase website traffic, fine. Defining your goals and the strategy to achieve them will make things easier for you going forward.

Once youve established you primary goals for your social media marketing strategy, youll always have a guideline to hole your efforts against. There will certainly be steps that youll have to take regardless of your goal, having a plan in place will help you stay aligned with your ultimate goals and will help you see what should be the correct next steps in achieving it.

2. Get inspired by your APSense industry
To get an idea of the footprint of your industry on social networks, its important to cast a wide net when doing market research. For instance, do a hashtag search on Instagram and Twitter with industry-specific keywords to see what you can come up with. This allows you to take a look at the variety of posts that are published and identify the big players and potential influencers, both of which can be very helpful assets.

For Facebook, try joining a group discussing in your industry and view the discussions and posts that take place. This will give you an idea of what kind of content is being shared most often by your audience. If you can identify a trend or an industry topic thats important to your audience, your social posts can cater towards it to get attention.

Are you seeing a subject about your industry , on APSense , that isnt being discussed often enough? Consider it a goldmine and an opportunity to establish yourself as the expert and start that conversation yourself. Grab attention by adding industry-specific hashtags so your audience and influencers will take notice, and hopefully, join in on the conversation. Sometimes getting inspired by your industry is finding relevant discussions about whats not being talked about.

3. Check out your competition
If youre new to APSense social media for your business, one of your most valuable resources is going to be your competition, who may be more established in the space than yourself. Use them as a way to brainstorm strategies youd like to take on for your own brand, see what types of posts they use on different networks and also take note on the number of posts published per day.

This type of research is not an excuse to rip off your competition and clone their entire social media marketing strategy its to get an idea of how others within your industry are making social networking platforms work for them.
4. Create APSense Business Center & share it your social media accounts
If you havent done so, you should create or convert your existing social media accounts into business accounts. Whether you open a Facebook business account or start a YouTube channel for your business, youll be able to get more features for, you guessed it, businesses!

Some nice additions to having business social media accounts is that many offer built-in analytics for your social posts (more on that later), as well as the ability to use paid promotion for your posts. This is a great option to help build brand awareness.
Specific business/brand social media accounts are available for most popular platforms, including:

Facebook for business
Instagram for business
Twitter for business
LinkedIn for business
TikTok for business
5. Find and get to know your audience
Through your own research on APSense, youll more than likely have found your audience and how they interact with social networks. You may have found that your specific target audience seems to be more active on Instagram, but are also present on Twitter and Facebook. Whatever your findings show, be sure that youre your APSense social media strategy backs it up. If your audience is most active on Instagram, you stand to benefit most from putting more effort into it versus a social network theyre not as active on. All that said, its important to have some sort of presence on all major social networks.

A part of getting to know your audience is getting to know who they arent as well. For instance, if youre targeting Generation Z, a social media post that features a fax machine (even as a joke) likely wont resonate with them, as theyve likely never ever had to work with one or even seen one.

Need more data to find your audience? Youre in luck! There are several studies that can help you get a better idea of where your audience spends their time from their demographics.
6. Create compelling content
Now its time to put your APSense industry knowledge together with the research youve conducted to create your content. Whether its an engaging meme that only your audience can enjoy or simply a link to your latest blog article sharing new developments in your business sector, your posts need to be both interesting and relevant to them.

You also dont have to do all the work! If theres APSense industry-related news, dont hesitate to share it through your social channels, even if youre not the direct source. This will tell your audience that youre a reliable source of information for this topic.

Creating fantastic content: eZine issues, groups, blogs on APSense is a sure-fire way to get the attention of your audience, but its not easy! Take your time crafting your posts and dont forget that you can share your posts across social networks! Need some inspiration? Check out oddball holidays or other special days as inspiration for your social posts. Something like take your dog to work day is easy enough to craft a post around and can be enjoyable for your audience.

Theres a lot you need to know when it comes to creating content. From the exact images sizes for each social media network to the free online social media tools available to you, theres a lot to learn. And because this process can be a bit overwhelming, APSense has a dedicated section to share social posts within your APSense spaces dashboard to make it easier for you.
7. Create a social calendar to stay organized
One doesnt become a social media marketing genius overnight, or even in a few months. Its going to take time for you to see what works and what doesnt, and since youll be posting a lot of content, you want to be organized about it. This is where a social media calendar will come in handy.
A social media calendar will allow you to see what posts are published on what network at what time. Its best to try to schedule your content out at least a month at a time, but this isnt going to be reasonable in every instance. Just keep in mind, its better to have more content than you need than not enough.
For some, a simple Excel sheet will do the trick to keep track of your social media posts going out. If youre looking for a little more, there are some great tools available to help you with scheduling and more:

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a popular social media management tool that covers schedule your posts and so much more. Its also a great platform for social media monitoring and provides insightful analytics to see how your posts are performing. Thats hardly where Hootsuite stops in the feature department, and you can even get started with a 30-day free trial.

Buffer: Another popular social media management tool that allows you to schedule, monitor, and get helpful analytics from your social posts. You can try out one of its 7-day free trials to see if its right for you.

8. Post regularly on APSense TimeLine
Just because youre getting the hang of things doesnt mean you should publish APSense more posts a day. In fact, overposting will cause people to unfollow you, as youll come off as spammy. Instead, go for quality over quantity with your posts.

Heres how much you should be posting on APSense social networks:

9. Engage and respond to your followers
You think that once youve created, scheduled, and published your content that youre done? Think again! You also want to make sure that youre engaging with your audience in any way you can. Engaging with your audience is helpful for a number of ways.

It can help establish trust between you and your audience
It invites additional engagement from others
It shows that youre active and respond on social media
It can be a fantastic source of data, feature requests, and additional feedback all for free!
Social media is also a fantastic place to provide customer support. Whether theyre reaching out to you directly or not or not, theyre talking about you, and it might not always be for the best. You can use social listening to reach your customers, rectify issues, surprise them with a social media-only coupon, and more!
10. Monitor your performance
APSense Social media marketing isnt something you become an expert at overnight. It can be a trial and error process, but by monitoring the success of your posts across social media, youll begin to see what type of content works best for your brand and what doesnt. Luckily, its not hard to see look at the performance of your posts with the built-in analytics that many social networks provide for business accounts.

By viewing the analytics of your social media posts, youll begin to see what type of content resonates with your audience. Using the stats from your previous posts, you can begin to reshape your social media strategy with more content that has, by the numbers, proved to be more successful for you. Its adaptability like this that will help you continually evolve with your social media marketing efforts.

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