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With the development of industry in recent years, the sales of dry ice cleaning machines are very hot. Do you know how this new type of mold cleaning machine works?
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  • In fact, its working principle is similar to sand blasting and soda. During the cleaning operation, dry ice particles are used as the spray medium instead of sand particles.
  • The dry ice particles are accelerated in a high-pressure air stream and sprayed through the nozzle to impact the surface to be cleaned.
  • The difference between dry ice cleaning is that the dry ice particles vaporize at the moment of impact, while other cleaning media cannot achieve these functions.
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Review on dry ice cleaner work

Dry ice is different from other spraying media. Dry ice particles are characterized by extremely low temperature (-78 C) and will absorb a large amount of heat when they are vaporized. This low temperature effect gives the dry ice washer a unique thermodynamic characteristic, which affects the mechanical properties of the adhered dirt. Due to the large temperature difference between the dry ice particles and the cleaning surface, thermal shock can occur. When the temperature of the dirt layer decreases, the brittleness increases, and then the dry ice particles can crush the dirt layer impact. The momentum of dry ice disappears at the moment of impact, and rapid heat exchange occurs between the dry ice particles and the cleaning surface, causing the solid CO2 (carbon dioxide) to sublimate quickly into a gas.

The working principle of dry ice cleaning machine is such that the volume of dry ice particles expands nearly 800 times within a few thousandths of a second, which causes a "micro explosion" at the point of impact and blows off the dirt layer. The temperature difference between two different materials with different thermal expansion coefficients will destroy the bond between the two materials. For example, when removing non-metallic dirt on metallic materials, such a thermal shock phenomenon is very obvious. Since CO2 (carbon dioxide) has evaporated, no secondary waste is generated during the dry ice cleaning process, leaving only the dirt that needs to be removed. Even at a very high speed, the impact of dry ice on the cleaned surface is very small. Compared with sand, the impact of kinetic energy on dry ice is very small. damage. Because there is no wear, the dry ice washer can be widely used for cleaning various materials.

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