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by Oleg Ivanov
Not only that it is up to 5 Times FASTER than any other Web Browser in the World. And it is Safer and More Secure than any of the Top 5 Web Browsers! (Mozila, Firefox, Google Chrome, IE) It is FREE.
Recommended Features
  • Access: Free Education Free Entertainment Bargain Shopping Free Branding Social Media Software Communication & much more
  • Make money with this super tool from the comfort of your home. Receive income from Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression
  • Brand, Advertise and get big Exposure to your business for free
  • Watch movies, Play games, Listen to radio, Shop or watch Cooking shows or Documentaries
  • Make passive income when people use internet-doing their usual day to day things. You do not have to sell anuthing or sign anyone
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Review on Smart Media Desktop Browser

Let me share my story. You might came or will come across it too in your Life.

The ad said Instantly Profit from this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

And yes, I was hooked. Sound familiar? All I needed to do was sponsor 1 person a month and I would be raking in the riches. And I could do it part time! This was January 2004.

Let me first say that I was newer in a network marketing until I saw this ad. Almost my entire professional life I has been with the construction industry so network marketing was not something I had really any talent or training for.

One thing I did have going for me was a work ethic. So I did a little research, made a list of people e-mails, purchased some leads and started e-mailing peopleand e-mailing more peopleand e-mailing more people. It wasnt too long before I figured out that e-mailing was not going to build my business for me. Why you asked?
Firstly - was the product itself. It does not had a value for all people, it was only valuable for some individuals and they have to pay for it.
Secondly there was little support and not enough supporting material. And I have to come up with advertising ideas, etc.

Therefore I spent hard earned money and not succeeded at that business. After learning my lesson I did not touch or look at business of such nature or any other marketing business.

February this year I receive a call from my friend to look at webpage and download some sort of software, I was not really interested but she asked me to check it out as it is FREE and I have nothing to lose (I can delete it if I dont like it). And let me tell you, after using this software I like it so much so I asked her: what is her involvement in this company. She explained me that business is very new and it has a fantastic opportunity. I was still skeptical about it, learned my lesson in 2004. But after going to her business web site and some more explanations from my friend I understood that this is very different what others companies advertise and offer.

I joined their affiliate program and glad that I did that. Now I am making extra income from a comfort of my home in my free time. It is not very much yet but I was only doing it for less than a month. I am thinking now to do it full-time.

Why I joined Smart Media Desktop? Because is free for people to Use and Download. Its holding value for everyone in your household. It has Browser that is 5 times faster than any other browser, it has a lot of Education and Learning material for all family members, Entertainment, Free Software, Bargain Finder plus lots of other stuff at your finger tip and it is free to use by anyone. It is new and unique. It is like Google Chrome 10 years ago and company giving you the opportunity to share their success. I believe it is a future.

Company providing 24 hours support and there is a lot of supporting material. Dont get me wrong the company not going to do all the work for you and you not going to become Rich over night. You will need to make an effort and do some work in order to start earning money. However they provide you with a tools and materials, for you to succeed. They provide you with a back office, web page and marketing web pages, etc.

There is a very attractive Opportunity for Businesses and Fund Raising Organizations as SMD offer free unlimited Branding and Marketing of any Business. But dont take my word for it check it out yourself at: You have nothing to lose same as it was for me in February.

You will be thinking Here we go another advertising saying: bla bla bla Just pay money join and you are set for life. No it is not the case. I just told you my story, in fact I am not encourage you to pay yours hard earned dollars to join the business where you think - you not going to succeed. This business is not for everyone. Some people are very happy at the position they are right now and they do not want to do any extra work. However you can download and use the Software platform for free for your convenience
I think thats a value and its something for everyone. You dont have to pay anything and No you do not need to provide any payment details.

Anyway take it as information or contact me if you have any questions. Whatever you do its your choice, only one thing that it is good to have options.
Dont you Think?....

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Lovely Queen Advanced   technology
yes yes yes yes I'm also member of the SMT really it's amazing I love to SMT
Mar 17th 2011 02:44   
Oleg Ivanov Advanced   
Thank's Jeen. It will spread as virus between people like Google and Yahoo 10 years ago. And best part is that company giving a chance to the members by sharing the commissions from advertisers, etc. Very smart and generous of them.
Mar 17th 2011 06:14   
Robert Lampke Freshman  Network Marketer
How are you guys getting referals? wich makes the real money?
Oct 13th 2011 00:06   
Oleg Ivanov Advanced   
I am pretty good, having a lot of followers and team members from friends and ex-work mates.
Dec 24th 2011 01:00   
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