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AdClick Media - AdWords & AdSense alternative!
AdClick Media - AdWords & AdSense alternative!

Ad Click Media Interstitial Ad Network! Pay Per Click Advertising, Online Text Advertising, Banner Advertising, and Interstitial Advertising.

AdClick Media is a targeted advertising network. You can earn ad-revenue from the traffic that you already generate by placing an ad panel on your website - and you can advertise your website by starting a campaign with our network publishers.

You can check detailed earning stats from your 'Publisher Area'. Click on 'Manage Panels' to view your clicks and earnings stats. Click on 'Reports' and 'Payment History' to check the commissions already paid. Click on 'Affiliate Report' to view your earnings from your referring affiliates.

You get paid 50% of advertiser 'pay-per-click' bid and 10% of your affiliate's monthly earnings.

Paid via PayPal

Minimum payout for AdClick Media publishers is $50.00.

Pay Per Click Advertising, online text advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising on the sites of your choice.

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