This group is the public group. Your request will be auto-approved.

Everything photography is just what it says. Keep it clean. This is for intermediate and professional photographers, maybe some beginners.
 We can have photo contests, by voting on photos.
  Photographers can come in and teach and critic photos.
  You must be over 21 to play. This is not a kids group or sex or violence group. You will be deleted.
  The main purpose is to help each other get our work out to publishers and stock agencies to buy and publish our work.
  Link exchanges are for telling us where your sites, galleries, and businesses are.
  We are here to learn from everybody.
   There is to be no bashing of ones work. All photos must be uploaded as if you were looking at photos in a gallery. NO noting off in the distance,blurred or things like that.
    Think of your self as a professional photographer while loading your photos. They will be seen by everybody. The photo above is an example of a good photo.
    You must use real name and a valid email and website. Prizes will be awarded in contests.
    Contests will start when we get enough to play. I would like to have 24 photographers in soon to make this work. This group has few rules and we use the honor system and every body is to play nice.

Admin Jackie