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What is a corporate social network?

Corporate Social Network is an online platform for professionals, customers, suppliers and partners.

Card discounts and benefits for the traditional market
MTcard, is the first social networking just for companies of the traditional market (account, small to medium enterprises), allowing the fidelization of their clients through our discount and vantages MTcard.

MTCARD is a completely FREE space to the entrepreneur. Where he can write and promote his business .

The only condition imposed by MTCARD and their partners is to grant at least 5% of discount or benefit.

Has so the chance to increase customers loyalty to your business, through benefits who you gives.

MTCARD provides a tool who allows you to promote your business, on a social network.

The site, has like objective the promotion of your partners and the search of the same, by all the costumers and users of the site.

Registe your company and start promoting your business:

Note: The terms and conditions set by each partner are your responsibility.

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Note: Your registration is offline until the introduction of content. With 25% content, it will be available in the MTcard research.