Living in outerspace

About Living in outerspace

This Group is for people who want to live in outerspace,or love outerspace for whatever reason & are sick & tired of waiting on NASA & The U.S.Government to take us into outerspace to live & work & Explore the galaxy.this group will work to raise the money to hire the aerospace engineers to design us a real space station with gravity for us to live & work on,& to design & build a space plane that can begin taking up steel beems & such to begine construction of are space station as soon as possible.we are sick & tired of the Corruption in the U.S.Government,its why were not in outerspace by now-PORK SPENDING.JOIN A New Group,get the whole family us spread the word,get on Global T.V.News,yes i want to get on all T.V.News Stations in all Countries & i Need Your Help.Heres My Cell Phone,call or leave me a Messege at=(321)795-4978 .i will sooner or later Build Us are own Website,when i have raised the money.Jonathan Renfroe