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Joakimfest is an international theatre festival held every fall in Kragujevac, during the second week of October (till 2019 Joakim Inter Fest). The festival was established in 2006 by a theatre director Dragan Jakovljević, who was back then the managing director of Knjaževsko-srpski teatar. Since then, the festival has been going through various periods of ups and downs, seeking a solid concept. At the beginning of 2019, when Slobodan Savić, an esteemed theatre critic from Belgrade was elected the curator and artistic director, radical changes have been made in the structure and concept of Joakimfest. Today, this is a festival of contemporary, modern, socially, aesthetically, and poetically relevant theatre which with its selection of plays strives for visibility and recognition not only in its local community but in the entire country and the wider region. It has a Euro-regional concept, based on a selection of plays in full accord with modern performance and theatre-related practices. Joakimfest celebrates and fosters aesthetically sophisticated, socially responsible, subversive, and emancipatory theatre which grapples with burning issues and phenomena of the world and the times we live in.

Since the founding of the Festival to date, over 140 performances from 25 countries with the participation of over 700 theatre authors have been performed at the JoakimfFest.
An international jury bestows two awards: Grand prix “Joakim Vujić,” for the best overall performance, and Special Award of the City of Kragujevac.
The festival is named after “the father of Serbian theatre,” Joakim Vujić, the managing director of the first Serbian theatre founded in Kragujevac, the capitol of Serbia back then, in 1835.
The host and organizer of the festival is Кnjaževsko-srpski teatar, and the main benefactor is the City of Кragujevac.