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March 30, 2011

Welcome to Our Group

Name Of This Group

Helping New Members Benefit from Apsense.............sharing the secrets.

We join groups all the time on the Internet.

-Why did you join this site, what made you want to join this site?

-What did you see on this site that you liked?

-Was it because you though it was another site you could advertise your business that you promote?

-What do you really like about this site.?

-What is the most important thing that Apsense will provide for you or you hope to accomplish on here?

Another way to make money, another way to expose your links, another way to gain members to join your businesses we all had our reasons, l did also. Mine was at first l though "Wow" another way to sell what l have and yes expose my links to all who decided to click on them. But in the end it became more of a site where you can write, learn and gather information you need to become the best you can be.

This is one of the best business sites l belong to, why am l, still a free member because l am in it for the money but because l enjoy talking and sharing concepts, idea's and teaching other members to do what they have set out to do.

"Why most of the articles l write at Apsense are about training and information about becoming the best you can be"!!

I would like to hear your reason for joining this group and also why you decide to join APSense.



Joseph F. Botelho


Money will come if you're prepared for it, "trust me on this issue".............You're in control of what you will earn. Always remember that you are in control of you're life, it will lead you to where you want it to lead you too ...."make the effort to do it"...

As a New Member of this group please now take the time and write out some of the reasons you decide to join Apsense and this group. If you have any question or information you need we will certainly answer or provide you with the information you need. We as members look forward to helping you and answering all question you may have.


Joseph F. Botelho


Let's share our blogs, articles and get the most of promoting with in all our resources.