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About Back Link Club

Welcome to the Backlink Club

This group is developed specifically to generate backlinks to it's
members. In the good old days there was a thing called "reciprocal
links" that is where you'd put a link on my site and I'd put one on yours.
Because of the abuse this got, the search engines changed the way of
ranking links. It became better, according to the search engines, to
have a bunch of links coming into your site with no link exchange. The thought was that if your site had many other sites linking to it, it must be a relevant site.

Today, we all know, that having links in a daisy chain,  from site A to site B, from site B to site C, etc. is much better so long as the content within sites in the chain are somewhat related.

So with this in mind, Joseph F. Botelho and myself  created this group for those serious in getting and giving back links.

Getting backlink are a great way to get your websites or blogs known, and are an essential part of the SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Positions) algorithm on websites such as Google. However it is important to backlink the RIGHT way. It takes time and effort to backlink correctly, so that you acheive great SEO. If you try to rush through this, or if you use short cut, black hat tactics such as no follow social bookmarking, you will not see the same benefits as if you had used a Do Follow site, and submitted quality content.

When all is said and done, it is better to have back links leading to your site that Google tell you are ok to have, those are organic, and natural, backlinks. Backlinks from people that are genuinely interested in your websites content, and who want to share it with others. These type of backlinks are the hardest to get, but by far the most valuable, they are money backlinks!

Despite what some of those self professed Gurus and ebook authors tell you, SEO is not an easy thing to do and even more difficult to master. It will take work but, this group is here to help you along the way. Our motto us "If we  work smart,and play by the rules we can achieve backlink success"

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