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The Glocal Income Business Opportunity program is owned and operated by the Discount Home Shoppers Club, Inc. and is the exclusive marketing partner for ClubShop Rewards and

THE DISCOUNT HOME SHOPPER’S CLUB, INC. has been in business since 1997 and has established an impeccable track record for doing business honestly and with integrity.

THE CLUBSHOP REWARDS PROGRAM THE CLUBSHOP REWARDS PROGRAM offers consumers innovative ways to SAVE MONEY when shopping online at The ClubShop Mall and offline with participating ClubShop Reward Merchants.

The GLOCAL INCOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY utilizes a hybrid "MANAGED ORGANIZATIONAL MARKETING" Plan, which has been developed and improved over time to provide our marketing Partners with an effective and proven marketing system and program. The Glocal Income Compensation Plan enables our marketing Partners to not only create an income today, but also to build their business to CREATE A RESIDUAL INCOME for their future.