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Silver Sense
Silver Sense was create to help everyone come to realize that making money with silver is so easy to do. Did you know that our money is really an American Silver Eagle Silver Dollar and not a Federal Reserve Note that we get at banks where we cash our paychecks?
Silver is the most used precious metal in the entire world.   Just about anything you come in contact with during your day has some silver in it. This makes silver the best investment you can make.
Years ago only the rich had silver. Ever heard this before.
They were born with a silver spoon in their mouths
Back when this saying was popular the wealthy new that silver had medicinal properties and would give their sick babies a silver spoon to suck on.  The common people like you and me had to wait till today when silver is now being introduced in many medicines.
Join me as I list several way I used and acquire precious metals to enhance my income. Feel free to ad your methods as well.