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N.A.A.C.P Chapter Leader Dr. Beckles writes letter to Pres. Obama Protesting Racism Posted Date: 2010-04-26 16:57, Pageview: 28 Dr. Frank Beckles Jr. And His Son Christian Beckles BecomeFamous On ... Dr. Frank Beckles Jr And Son Christian Beckles Help To Re-establish The Beckles Family ... - 150k - Cached ?Aiken Academy Vice-President Passes On Father's Legacy ...Fireman Rev Dr Franklyn V Beckles Jr A Crusader Against Injustice Apsense Business Center ... Sloan Griffin and Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles Jr. Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles, ... Angelfire - Free Home PagesMy name is Dr. Victor Franklyn Beckles, Jr. I am an ex-navy seal, a ... My name is Dr. Victor Franklyn Beckles, Jr. I am an ex-navy seal, a black belt in Martial ... Book Author Rev Dr Frank Beckles's Business Center - AffiliatesSarah Palin to visit Augusta web posted November 26, 2008 AUGUSTA GA ? According to a media release on Tuesday, former Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin "The Shebastard", will be visiting in Augusta Georgia on December 1. Gov. Palin, the hugely popular Alaskan Governor that brought life to Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain?s failing campaign, retains her broad support even after the election and is hoping to help US Sen. Saxby Chambliss retain his seat in the Senate in a December 2 run-off. ?City of Edgefield, SC., Orangeburg, and Aiken County, are notorious for racist and terroristic actions against African-American Men. Local Judges, Police Officers, and many Business Owners, constantly and openly discriminate, setup false criminal charges, and wrongfully imprison Black Men. President Obama, has been notified of various credible complaints from many SC citizens, of the racist agendas of the state of the state of South Carolina; dating back to the 1960's, (ex. The Orangeburg Massacre). ?So Far President Obama has failed to address numerious complaints of Racism in Georgia-South Carolina, from U.S. Citizens and African-American Leaders and Officals.. ? Share | Top It Add to my watchlist -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comments (0) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add Comment to "N.A.A.C.P Chapter Leader Dr. Beckles writes letter to Pres. Obama Protesting Racism" Please login with your existing accout first. Author Information Author Name: Capt. Frank Beckles Ambitionist (21) Free Member Visit Homepage View Business Center More Business BlogsBeckles and Son Professional M... N.A.A.C.P Chapter Leader Dr. B... The Beckles Family Legacy Earn... Celebrating MLK in 2010 Internet Webmaster and Writer ... 911 Military Veteran Hero, Actor, And ... Augusta's Finest Firefighter:Rev. dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr...Celebrity Pictures, Celebrity Videos, Celebrity News ... Celebrity photo, video, and gossip blog featuring the latest hot celebrities including Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham, and more. - 173k - Cached Celebrity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses of the term, see Celebrity (disambiguation) ... Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality. ... - 65k - Cached MySpace Celebrity: Official MySpace Celebrity Profiles Channel Click here for help enabling it. Myspace Celebrity. Impact. Behind the Scenes. Icon. Photos ... Celebrity Directory. Writing. THE MONSTER BALL: POST-OPERATION. a man ... - Cached Celebrity (1998) Directed by Woody Allen. With Greg Mottola, Jeff Mazzola, Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles, Jr., who also appeared in the Movie- "Who's Your Caddy?". The fortunes of ... Overall, I felt the celebrity part, and all the walk-ons we not at all the focus ... Famous Daycare Gets Visit and Donation From Group Earth Wind ... Submit An Event Event Title: Earth, Wind & Fire When: 07-01-2010 07:30 pm Where: James ... Hollywood Celebrity Actor and Biographer Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles Famous Book Author, ... - Cached Earth Wind & Fire 2010's Business Center - 3 Famous School Teacher and Church Pastor Dr. Frank Beckles ... Beckles, Jr Dr. Frank Beckles's News Dr. Frank Beckles's Network (0) Dr. Frank ... Search ResultsBook Author Rev Dr Frank Beckles - Online Profile on APSense Producer / Editor / Animator ... Meet our NBC Augusta 26 News staff! Who I'd like to meet: Search ResultsRev. Dr. Franklyn Beckles Jr.'s ... - 116k - Cached Book Author Rev Dr Frank Beckles's Business Center ... channel12 Fireman Rev Dr Franklyn V Beckles Jr A Crusader Against Injustice Apsense ... Top It Dr Beckles The Only Honorable Man Left Posted Date: 2010-04-15 ... Search ResultsBook Author Rev Dr Frank Beckles - Online Profile on APSense Producer / Editor / Animator 37 years old AUGUSTA, GA United States Online Now! Last Login: 4/21/2010 Mood: good View My: ... - 116k - Cached Book Author Rev Dr Frank Beckles's Business Center ... Book Author Rev Dr Frank Beckles. Augusta, United States. View Profile. Business Industry ... parts of his story published in The Augusta Chronicle on 4-12-2010. ... Search ResultsFirefighter Dr Frank Beckles - Online Profile on APSense Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles Jr. 4/12/2010Augusta Fire Department Corruption Exposed by Honest FireFighterApr 15 2010 16:39 Member's Profile FireFighter ... - 63k - Cached Dr. Beckles - Online Profile on APSense BecklesFamily South Carolina & Georgia Racism, and Conspiracy Against African American Men... - Cached Dr. Frank Beckles - LinkedIn View Dr. Frank Beckles's professional profile on LinkedIn. ... The Augusta Chronicle (Standing along President Bush, being recognized for his outstanding service as a ... - Cached.Family Dr. Frank BecklesManger, Director, Teacher, and Principal at ... Center Augusta, Georgia Area Contact Dr. Frank Beckles Add Dr. Frank Beckles to your ... - 158k - Cached Paradeofquartets on MySpace Films - New Films & Documentaries MySpace Filmmaker profile for Director / Screenwriter / Producer Paradeofquartets. ... Augusta, GA 30906 706-267-3051 Director/Principal: Rev. Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr. ... - 103k - Cached.Forgotten Books :: Browse :: All Books An Account of the Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson from His Birth to His Eleventh Year ... Hermetic Creed, the Old Chronicle, the Laterculus of Eratosthenes, ... - Committee to check fire department hiring practices & Mistreatment of Good New Firefighters! By Kyle Martin Staff Writer Monday, April 12, 2010 A committee will review Augusta Fire Department hiring procedures that some commissioners say are keeping good firefighters away. "Thank God we haven't had this issue of a person trying to get into a burning house and they couldn't do their job," Commissioner Joe Jackson said. Hiring procedures put into place three years ago don't credit applicants for certifications they already have, such as EMT certification. Nor do they give credit for experience such as military service, Jackson said. "Is our house out of order?" Commissioner Don Grantham asked when the issue was raised at a committee meeting. Commissioner J.R. Hatney said it was. "I get 25 calls a month from the fire department," Hatney said. The hiring process needs "a complete review" by a subcommittee with input from city human resources, equal employment and administration, he said. Hiring procedures introduced in 2007 include applicant interviews and agility testing, Fire Chief Howard Willis said. The procedures are followed to the letter and candidates are hired from the top scorers down, Willis said. Which is a Lie, and only part of the misconduct that is really going on at The Fire Department. Assistant Chief Christopher James has been wrongfully firing new firefighters in 2009, for an unfair nepotism policy. Then re-hires most of the firefighters, once the department did away with the policy, but has a training program; under James direction, that has encouraged firefighters to harrass, bully, assult, and threaten other firefighters! Official complaints have been issued to Director Ms. Humphrey at the E.O.A. Currently Asst. Chief James and the entire Fire Department is under investigation, for racism, harrassment, terrorisitic threats, and wrongful terminations against fellow firefighters. Firemen along with James that are suspected of criminal activity are: Scott Walker, Lt. Brown/Lt. Lee (under Asst. Chief James), Recruit Firefighters; Myles, mith, Wolmack, Zanwiger, Santadota, Mullins, Johnson, A. Johnson, Parrish, Garcia, and Female recruit Ms. Guest. 4.If You Know anything about Augusta, Aiken Counties (The C.S.R.A)-Corruption, racism, and injustice toward Black Men are common place; especially From The Public School System, Board of Education, Police Departments, and our U.S. Military Branches. But we as Americans, should not expect this kind of inhumanity from an Institution that we all hold dear (especially after 9/11); such as The Fire Department! But the sad truth is that in The Fire Service, there is indeed lots of racism, feminism, and lack of true brotherhood amongst fellow firefighters. Hopefully this new report and criminal investigation will change some very bad practices in The Augusta Fire Department. Weekly testing of a firefighter trainee can get him or her dropped from the program, Willis said. "It's more beneficial when you have somebody ready to go to work," Jackson said. Firefighter Dr Frank Beckles's News Created a new group Augusta Chronicle VS The Augusta Fire Department Mon, 19 Apr 2010 08:54 -

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