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Education taken to the next Level !!!!! WEBUCATION

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I have been so impressed with this new, revolutionary concept of "webucation."
Here is an opportunity to offer a service to children, adolescents, and adults while
also creating an empire of wealth.

More to come, but for now check out:
and you will be impressed with an innovative business concept.

Is it REALLY true that I can get a tutor 24/7?

Incredible as it may seem, this program is GLOBAL. For a MODEST fee, individuals and
families can EASILY access tutoring "on demand." It’s like having HBO On Demand at
your fingertips.

I envision, early evening, parents hounding their children to do their homework,
frustrated, even complaining and maybe even crying...ugh!

Wouldn’t it be nifty to be able, in the comfort of your own home, in your underwear even, to get on the internet and access a tutor, LIVE, to assist your kid with his problem? One on one with a tutor, LIVE, to deal with his/her exact problem???

Also, what a relief for the parent not to have to have a tag team match with their kids
over homework. Maybe homework, projects, and tests can take on a different, and even
positive meaning?

This is an INEXPENSIVE program that will be of immense would be
foolish not to check this out.

I continue to mention that time is running out to become a FOUNDING MEMBER of this
great enterprise. Very little money to get in.....with huge rewards!!!!

You owe it to yourself to look at:

We spend more time on the internet than watching TV!
MagnumIQ puts the world of learning at your fingertips by bringing top notch
educators direct to your home or office, through our LIVE and INTERACTIVE learning

We present LIVE teachers, coaches, speakers, authors, and trainers from around the
world coming directly to your computer no matter where you are!

There is a huge market awaiting this type of LIVE "webucation." The unprecedented
growth of the internet, coupled with the explosive growth of online education, creates
a virtually unlimited business opportunity for everyone.

Go to:
to find more information for this exciting, groundbreaking opportunity.

We are in the prelaunch phase and enrollment now in this unique business opportunity affords you the title of "founding member."

You will be glad you are on the cutting edge of this explosive program!!!

You can also contact me for particulars at: