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Bi-Tron is a Canadian company which has proven itself with amazing results over the past five years. Based out of Vancouver, this environmentally-friendly MLM is now entering the United States and is rapidly building momentum.

Bi-Tron was started by an Attorney and Chemist with a formula from Russia made for Siberia war vehicles to work in the extreme cold. It is not just a fuel saver but the primary aim is helping the environment; making the benefits two-fold - Fuel economy and "Green". The company has about 10 products for the auto that under promise and over-deliver. The product line features an amazing fuel-additive which boosts fuel economy, thereby reducing cost. Performance enhancing additives for both oil and transmission which are actually attracted to heat, which provides lubrication during the vehicles most strenuous performance. Another amaazing product is a waterless-car wash which cleans and protects the vehicle's surface and can be used anywhere at any time. .

The company has generous commission plans on various levels. You can join for 7 days without any payment and go to back office and get all info before you decide.Visit my site for more information.