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Do you know ISP ´ s, who do not sitting in large cities, they may have dialup connections only and cannot pay large amounts of money to get involved into new technology? Most ISP´ s want to upgrade to, but some stuff is just too expensive.

I have good news: ItsYourNet offers the lowest priced packages for many things like webhosting, domains, dial up connections, and the newest technology of wireless internet.

A prototyped chip has been developed.The last tests, the mountaineous terrain tests, will start very soon, and then, it is not far away that the Wireless Corp will go live. For security reasons i won´ t tell too much about here, but some more information you can get at the 2 links below:

If anyone of you has an ISP, or want to become an ISP (you even get paid!) read the page about becoming an ISP:

I talked several times with the President and the CEO of ItsYourNet, they don´ t hide behind their websites, but are there to help you. Period.

Well, open for discussions.