How DO You Choose Your Programme or Opportunity?

About How DO You Choose Your Programme or Opportunity?

Hi everyone,

I chose this title because - on this the great and wondrous worldwide Web there are literally tens of thousands of network marketing programmes available to choose from.

This leaves the average marketer or would be marketer with quite a confusion of choices - and many many make the wrong ones and a few make the right ones and succeed.

First of all you need to establish your objective - do you want to make money out of it or are you content to get free advertising for another project you are involved in, and if you want to make money - is this a full or part time project?

Then you must look at WHAT exactly the programme is - what is its product or servce? Is this something that suits you, something that you can pass on with enthusiasm. Is it risky? Do you want something slow and steady but more reliable. Is it something you would pass onto to a good friend or family member - who can challange you face to face?

If you dont like the latest version of jungle juice - then it is difficult to imagine you being successful selling its MLM! And if you yourself use it from choice - you will be able to promote better. If it works for you - you can honestly pass it on - without hiding behind the internet and being dishonest. You wouldnt start an offline business to make money without researching your product - so why expect it to be any different on the intenet.

And then - the big one - when you have decided on the programme or group of programmes that best fit in with your philiosophy - do your due diligence! The internet is a great place for semi legal or quasilegal operations. and due duiligence is a little more than replying on the word of a friend. You can check who the company belongs to, what are their results? What are their compensation plans - are they of benefit to all the members or only the top few?

Ask Questions and more Questions and make sure you are happy with the aswwers - If your questions remain unanswered - wonder why!! No honest and reputable company should have a problem offering good satisfactory explanations. They are usually willing to answer and are very accessible. If they are not - stop and think twice - however legal they may be. Remember your money and time are a long time gone!

And when you have done all that - you will surely find a good company or opportunity that SUITS YOU and your chances of success will be greatly multiplied.

I do a little internet marketing -and here is how i made my personal choice of internet opportunity. I have chosen the advertising field, because I can advertise my own products whilst working on the programme, I make some money from it, so can honestly recommend it to anyone who wishes to advertise their site, it is slow and steady and does not require too much time comitment - which suits my need for a part time opportunity, it is not multi level - so i can live with the compensation plan, I know the owners and have seen them go through some rough times and keep their promises - i hate taking big risks - . SO THIS SUITS ME.

Everyone will have their own set of ingredients to make up the mix that suits them - what i have observed on the internet so far is that people do not spend enough time before making their choices and live to regret it afterwards - when a little more reserch before might have got the on the right tack first time.

Just some thoughts for a Tuesday - What are yours?

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