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This group is for people who want to make money by selling adult webcam shows. Dont close this page before you've read what ive got to say!!

When i first saw these camsites years ago i thought " whos gonna wanna spend money on that" lol how wrong was i!

I started promoting these cam sites in Jan this year. My total so far is $7300 - I did pay for some work to be done when i set them up. About $150 for link building and SEO on a simple site i built. ( I HAVE PROOF OF MY EARNINGS WHICH I WILL SHARE IF PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH ME )

The next thing your going to think is " i dont know how to build webpages"
If you are serious about this program i will build you a site, put all the cams and advertising on it for you, and even host the site. All you have to do is get traffic. Now i can show you where to get good high converting traffic for free, using some methods that not many people know about.

Now your asking " why do all this for me" Its simple, i refer you through my referal link, i get 5% added to my account on every sale you make. You can do the same if you refer people.

Message me if you would seriously like to be involved in this. I will be limiting it to 10 people to start with. PM me if you would like to give this ago.