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Hello friends and networking associates.

I want to give you a gift. Send out real greeting cards, not eCards, FREE on me. This is no hype or catch to this; they are really free real cards.

***** If you already have a membership account with Send Out Cards, I apologize, but the free card offer is not for you. ******

How do you feel when you receive a greeting card for something special. How about when someone sends you a beautiful greeting card just to say thank you or just keeping in touch. These are not eCards; they are real.

We currently have over 8000 cards in stock to choose from, cards of all kinds.

If you would like me to send you a sample of my greeting card, then let me do this; first of all, I would love to. Go to Send out two real free cards to two different people, not yourself. Once you have sent out your cards, let me know. You will receive a personal card from me. It's about acknowledging people with more than just verbal words. These cards are beautiful quality and less expensive than purchasing these types of cards in the store.

There is a self-walk through audio / video that will guide you through the entire process for sending out your cards. Sit back and relax and just follow the visual / audio instructions, that you control. Reach out and touch someone with warmth today!

Review the card catalog of Send Out Cards at:

IMPORTANT: If you experience any problems or error messages with sending out a card or need assistance, send a private message to which is straight to my desktop.

Pat Brown