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One of the founders of this company is Robert Allen. My team consists of Mike Filsaime, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, Benjamin Fitts, Kevin Anderson, Bob the Teacher and many more. They are all masters of marketing. They are the people to be under, to become successful.

What they are putting together is beyond belief. If you don't succeed with them at the reigns, you matter's well hang up your hat and call it a life.

Robert Allen is bringing to you a wealth of knowledge--coaching to the hilt for free.

The Matrix Millionaire's team is bringing to you years and years of marketing knowledge and assistance. They have their own websites. They have their own videos, they have their own forum. They have conference calls. You name it and they will provide it. It's simply amazing.

Right now we are all planning to go to London together in the Fall. I was with these guys in Baltimore and I would love to be with them in London as well. These are great people to know and have as your mentors--all of them.

Check out the little video they put together and let me know if you want any additional information. The program itself is terrific.

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Passkey: maxitec