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Hello and good evening friends and ear assocates i hope all of them will be fine and under blessing of God als our dear friends and slient readers all will be fine thank you all of you and your for feed back home it will be contuneu thank you.

as i mentioned above that i am enough luck are hard worker dear friends true i am not lucky even when do some thing better even it tuns against me and not get the result second portion is that the hardworker yes iam hard worker and i am doing all the way doing hard work .

gest regds


email id

sype is mirani101

wowapps is mirani101 

thank you God bless all of you thank you.


Liaquat Ali Mirani Professional   Free Lancer/Networking in crypto
This is one best real eanings online come join us and eran free you don t need any credits theey also give you .50GBP
Dec 26th 2015 03:58    Edited in Jan 13th 2016 09:44
Maureen Roland Junior  student
Hi my name is Maureen Roland,i went through your profile today,and became interested in you,Please Dear one I will be very happy if you can contact me directly with my privet email address ( ) it is because of my time, i am not always online,Thanks for your understanding, God bless you.
Jan 21st 2019 09:15   
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