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Judy Fox Junior
I feel good about using the Pet Protector as it is Chemical-free, I really don't like using those monthly aplications because they have chemicals in them and are harmful for your pets. So glad I found it as it repels fleas and ticks for up to 3 years! Great Product!
Mar 11th 2013 22:13
Ed Blount Professional  
Great product that I use on all four of my dogs and make money from it !
Feb 20th 2013 23:46
Diane Gracely Innovator
The pet protector disc is an amazing product for fleas and ticks. It is non-toxic and chemical-free. Best product for your pets health. AND it saves pet owners money compared to buying harmful chemicals that need to be applied every month. The pet protector lasts for TWO years.
Nov 22nd 2012 13:39
Vusi Mlambo Advanced
Pet Protector is the best product in the world for approaching known and unknown people and closing the sales on the spot! It was never easier to make a sale or have a new member on the team!
Nov 21st 2012 23:48
good platform and easy to use , intuitive interface will enable you to share your content with general public in no time.
Oct 2nd 2012 17:32
Milena Milivojevic Senior  
The product - Pet Protector disc is absolutely amazing. It represents a solution to very big problem for every pet owner on the planet. The business system is without a competition, knowing that Pet market was never conquered before with network marketing/online affiliate company..Pet Protector is The First, The One and Only! ZERO COMPETITION!...
Oct 2nd 2012 17:11