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Joined APSense since, September 30th, 2012, From Belgrade, Serbia.
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I am happy to tell everyone that Milena Milivojevic , my team leader in my Pet Protector business, proves daily and to all team members, that she deserves to hold the position of TEAM LEADER in the PET PROTECTOR business.
I consider myself very fortunate to have Milena as my team leader, because she works tirelessly to help others to succeed and without prejudice.
She is one of the few genuine leaders, she leads by example and thoroughly understands the business, but more importantly she has the ability to explain it in a way that everybody can understand.
She is a real and bright star .. one that every organization would want to covet for themselves.
She is a real and bright star .. one that every organization would want to covet for themselves.
Well she is ours, and I for one am extremely grateful, as she is leading me to be a better person, and a more caring sponsor of others through her own example. Just as a true leader does.

With sincerity and respect,

Marilyn Bradley
Central Coast
Single mom from East Europe who had to close her own trading company 7 years ago and be left with over 40.000 USD depths to banks and suppliers. What could a single mom do in such situation? Reverse it and win big!
I was very persistent to get where I am now.. I have spent 18 hours a day on my computer, learning professional online marketing, applying it all in practice, building my career and changing my life..
Now, I am proud to say I have reached the position of top earner and general leader in my beloved Pet Protector business. My main mission is now to help others - by sharing my experience unconditionally, working with my team on a daily basis and finding individuals who are ready to become our next success story.

Milena Milivojevic,
Pet Protector Senior Manager

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Tony H. Professional  
This recommendation goes out to a beautiful single Mom to whom I just happen to somewhat stumble upon today on my APSense page in checking my notices for the day, and to my surprise I read one of the most inspiring bio on one of APSense Members by the name of Milena Milivojevic, who truly serves as a example of self esteem and the power to move forward in achieving goals. So with that said she truly get's my Recommendation of the Day.-Keep up the fine work Milena and we wish you the Best!

Recommendation on Haves: My SkillPages Profile
Vusi Mlambo Advanced
I met Milena Milivojevic at PetPrtector. She dedicates herself on training people on line. I've learnt a lot from her and now I'm able to do the business without any supervision.She is a top earner at PetProtector and now training members even if you are not her down line,to be amongst the top earners.

Recommendation on Haves: Pet Protector PowerPoint presentation
Shawn Miller Advanced
I am glad to have Milena Milivojevic as a connection here on Apsense.

Recommendation on Experiences: Senior Manager, General Leader, Pet Protector

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