Buscoby Don is a reggae/dancehall artiste who’s given name at birth is O’Neil Greaves. He was born at the University hospital in Jamaica on July 07,1982 to parents Harold and Mervia Greaves. O'Neil has two older brothers, Andrew and George Greaves. He grew up in the Sherlock community of Kingston 20 Jamaica, where he attended the Duhaney Park Primary School.

O’Neil’s passion for music has now led him to the compilation of his first dancehall album titled, “Mistaken Identity”. The project is set to be fully completed by Sept. 2017 and will contain sixteen tracks in total. Currently establishing his place in the dancehall genre, the artiste have pre released a few tracks to the public on social media sites, creating fans and giving them a taste of what Buscoby Don music is all about.

It all started at Meadowbrook High School where O’Neil attended along with best friend, J.O.P. artiste, SizeTen. The two would write songs and deejay for friends after school. It was like their little after school jam. This led to the realization of the talent for music which quickly then led to the development of a passion to perform and please an audience. At home, the fire never stopped burning as O'Neil grew up around other talented artists such as Villa Dutch, Baby Cham and Voicemail’s very own O’Neil Edwards who passed away on May 26, 2010. RIP!

Buscoby Don migrated to Canada at the age of fourteen years old in order to acquire a higher level of education. This however, had never dampened his passion for becoming a dancehall artiste. He completed his studies in the field of Information Technology and now returns to Jamaica to continue the pursuit of his dream, doing music professionally and creating fans.

Upon his return to Jamaica, O’Neil immediately formed a group called Moscow’s Finest. The group consists of Rustic, VersiTerry and O’Neil himself as Buscoby Don. Their style of music as a group is unique as it combines Rap with R&B and Dancehall all in one package. From singles to collaborations, they began feeding the Moscow Waterhouse community with a consistent supply of music, quickly establishing a name and reputation for themselves in the community. The Mistaken Identity project is now simply another step towards the goal of dancehall artiste, Buscoby Don, who is seeking to one day be signed to a major label and performing at Sting!


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