Dec 3rd 2017 07:01
#SickARoad is the Buscoby Don community anthem for Sherlock, about hiding guns in a pot of soup when police cornered the place. This is a true story and gives a highlight to KJ who took the fall for everyone. Big up yuh self bad charge.
Dec 3rd 2017 06:53
#GhettoLifeItNuhEasy is UpLifitng ghetto youths all over the globe. M1Six Music recording artiste Buscoby Don sends a positive message to all individuals trying to rise above the system. Share your comments and don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!
Dec 3rd 2017 06:50
#Badness is a real bad people anthem geared towards thugs and skin bleaching. The M1Six Music recording artiste Buscoby Don aka #Genna4G gives his take on real or fake. Some says its a true story. Listen for yourself and leave a comment.
Dec 3rd 2017 06:49
#BwoyAgoDead is the track that sparked feud between Moscow Waterhouse and Waterford Portmore artists. Bwoy Ago Dead is the Buscoby Don follow up to the collaboration track called Insidious Answer which is the answer to the track called Insidious.
Dec 3rd 2017 06:43
#DungATown is the M1Six Music recording artiste Buscoby Don means of supporting hustlers, business men and women downtown kingston Jamaica. The #Genna4G artiste sends mad respects and shoutouts to everyone trying a thing to make ends meet!
Dec 3rd 2017 06:42
#GoldABuy is the recording artiste #Buscoby Don from M1Six Music, single which shows respect to all Jamaican hustlers trying to make that paper everyday. Half Way Tree, Downtown Kingston, Montego Bay, etc. Its another hustlers anthem! #Genna4G!
Dec 3rd 2017 06:40
#FreeNights is a hot new single recorded by M1Six Music artiste Buscoby Don, to highlight telephone company #DigiCel globally. We are very lucky to have such a company amongst us here in #Jamaica as they have been doing so much for our economy...
Dec 3rd 2017 06:37
#Buscoby Don, M1Six Music dancehall artiste introduces the all new BD Brand product line. Tune in and SUBSCRIBE to this channel for all the latest Music and Product LineUp from the #Genna4G.