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The Foundation Boxes are a very special type of packaging used by cosmetic brands. As most of the cosmetic brands are based on the alluring style and rich persona of products, these packages strengthen their product image. They are manufactured with high-standard cardboard stock that provides good strength. They protect the fragile bottles containing liquid foundation. This stock is temperature resistant up to some extent. That reduces the chances of the product quality being harmed. They can be printed with different color schemes. Many businesses like to get them manufactured with their branding information. This gives them long-lasting branding benefits. They are mostly printed with information regarding the product, such as its ingredients, manufacturing, and expiry dates. They can be manufactured in different styles. They generally have rectangular shape but can be manufactured in different shapes. Premium vinyl lamination sheets made of vinyl can be applied to them to provide fine finish and make them water-resistant.

Nothing can glorify the persona of the foundation than creatively designed foundation boxes. They have numerous designs that have no match. But which ones are the most popular? The following are some of the top trending designs of these packages that will leave you amazed.

Matching Color Design

Colors are the basic elements behind the attraction of the packaging. In the same way, they are considered very important for the Custom printed Foundation Boxes. In this design, they are printed with the same color as the product inside them have. What can be a more functional and alluring thing than giving proper information about the product without even opening it? People can easily identify the color of the product packed inside. This can be done by printing the whole box with the same color or a part with that. It provides customers with ease of deciding. This is a big reason for its popularity.

Shoulder Package Style

This style of the Custom Foundation Boxes is on the top of the list. This elegant one is loved by the businesses as well as the customers. They consist of three parts: a base, a tray, and a lid. The tray is fixed in the base, and the lid covers the tray. The base and the lid mostly have the same colors, but the tray has the one in contrast. Two of these styles are famous. The first one has the base and lid that are printed with the same color as of the item inside. The tray has a dark color. In the second one, the tray has a matching color with the product inside. The base and the lid have color in contrast. That makes a sharp thin line of the foundation color in the middle.

Sleeve Packaging

The sleeve Cardboard Foundation Boxes are the best among many. This is because of their unique style that can catch the eye of the customers in a quick time. This one consists of two parts. One is a sleeve that covers the tray or a complete package. The reason behind their increasing popularity is that they protect the product very well and also showcase the items in style. The product persona is glorified in them. Many premium businesses use them to display their rich class. The upper part is printed with the information, and the lower one is printed with the logo or name of the business.

Die-cut Window Package

Die-cut window has proved to be one of the major elements of design to have a great impact. The Discounted Foundation Boxes manufactured with this window are trending in 2020. This is because people can see the actual item before they buy it. This gives peace of mind to the businesses as well as the customers that people do not touch the actual product that can contaminate the item. The window is mostly sealed with a clear vinyl sheet that can protect the item from harmful elements like dust, moisture, and many other things.

Personalized Shaped Packages

People are fed up with conventional cubical shaped packaging. That is the reason behind the increased popularity of the personalized Kraft Paper Foundation Boxes. The packaging manufacturers are now offering different shapes like a pillow, cylindrical, pentagonal, pyramidal, etc. to the customers. Moreover, the shape can be personalized according to specific events in the life of the targeted audience. But this is done on special orders only. Businesses that want to make their items unique choose this option to have a competitive edge. This one is on one of the tops in our trending list.

Customized Image Printing

Images have a huge importance in the packaging of cosmetic items. In the same way, they are considered much important for the foundation packages. The image of the product bottle is very popular. But the more popular one is the image of a celebrity or a model that is applying this product on her skin. That catches the eye of most of the customers. But high-resolution image printing can be a bit costly. That is why businesses buy Foundation Boxes & Packaging Wholesale that keep their budget in control.

Artistic Style

The artwork looks alluring on the packages of skincare products. That enhances the appearance of the Custom printed Foundation Boxes. Different types of illustrations can be printed on them. But the most popular ones are in the same color as of the product and printed in a way to enhance the persona of the item.

Many types of Custom Foundation Boxes are available in the market. But there are a few that have taken a good position in the minds of the people. The aforementioned designs are some of the top trending ones in the year 2020. They will help you in deciding which one you need to buy for your items on the bases of the above-mentioned information.

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