What are the differences between Gable Boxes and Handle Boxes

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When we talk about comfort and convenience in a single package, the name handle boxes immediately pops up in our brain. These boxes are manufactured from fine customized materials that lend them the strength and durability that they are widely known and acknowledged. They can be printed with state of the art custom-tailored prints that best narrate the story of the product the boxes carry or the brand that they belong to. High-resolution graphics can be effortlessly flaunted on them to raise the bar of the attraction level. Their most attractive feature is the carrying handles that are attached to them. These handles can be of the same material as that of the box, or they can be of any other material if their consumer may want to add a personal touch in this mode of convenience as well. They are ideal for shipping and display of fragile to substantially voluminous products.


Gable Boxes and Handle Boxes are two of the most prominent choices of numerous brands around the globe. Both have been praised for their excellent properties. Although both are quite similar, the differences between them cannot be ignored. Let us look at some of those crucial differences in detail.

What are Gable Boxes?

Gable boxes are often confused with Custom Handle Boxes, but there are subtle differences between these two, despite having a lot of similarities. Gable boxes have a unified structure, which means the handle is part of the box, which can also be called its extension. They are manufactured from cardboard and rigid. Just like a room is made with its four walls and roof, gable boxes are also manufactured the same way. The roof has a handle attached to it.



Gable packaging has certain special characteristics that make it stand apart from other packaging choices.


Ultimate Strength

One of the most desirable aspects of gable boxes is that they are durable and have exceptional strength to deal with any situation. Usually, while manufacturing them, a single sheet of cardboard is used, unlike corrugated packaging with handle. Using this technique a uniform box is manufactured, which has more strength than the boxes that are manufactured using multiple pieces of cardboard. When multiple pieces are used, numerous joints and seams appear, which are not safe during the harsh conditions of shipping.



The shape and structure of gable boxes are such that creativity and originality in printing are not hindered in any way. The four walls of gable boxes are wide enough for printing anything one wants. Also, cardboard is used to manufacture these boxes, which has proven to be an excellent choice for printing of every type. These types of customizations are important because they impress customers and help in enhancing sales.




Another factor that makes gable packaging so attractive is that it is reasonably priced and can be afforded by anyone. It is proof that quality packaging does not need to be expensive. Manufacturers can easily take the benefit as production costs are reduced. But it is not just production that becomes affordable. Customers also see a cut in prices for their favorite products.


What are the Handle Boxes?

Handle Boxes are slightly different from gable packaging, but the difference is not huge. Therefore, one has to go into minute details to identify them. While gable boxes have the handles made from the same sheet of cardboard, Handle Boxes usually do not follow this path. Their handles are mostly made from another sheet of cardboard and then attached on top, which has its own advantages and disadvantages.


When one talks about customization, the first thing that comes to mind is printing. And Reliable handle Boxes are perfect for it. It offers a lot of space for printing excellent graphics and other necessary information. But the subtle difference here is about the Custom Printed Handle Boxes Design. The handle on top of handle boxes can be detached and replaced whenever needed. This usually is not possible when using gable boxes. This means there is enhanced functionality in handle boxes that can come handy.


Eco Friendly

Affordable Wholesale handle Boxes manufactured from excellent materials are not only durable but also contribute to the protection of the natural environment. They are recyclable. Hence, one can use them several times for storing different items. As they are durable, one can be sure that they will last a long time. While gable boxes are also recyclable, there is an additional aspect of Eco-Friendly Handle Boxes that enables them to take the lead: the latter are also biodegradable. When one throws them away after excessive use, there is very little to no pollution because they automatically decompose into the soil, leaving no trace behind.



The above discussion makes the subtle dissimilarities between gable and handles packaging apparent. One can say that they are similar to each other in many ways and can be used alternatively. What to choose then? It all depends upon the circumstances that a brand finds itself in. For instance, finding a quality manufacturer just like Handle Packaging Providers USA. Similarly, the preferences of customers and the items that need to be packaged are also decisive factors in choosing between the two. But rest assured, both are solid choices for packaging a variety of items, and one does not lose much by going for either of them.

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